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How to Use Onboard Cruise Credit Like a Pro?

Being photographed on land may cost you a hefty deal. However, with onboard credits, you can turn the onboard photographer into your personal photographer.

By Cruise Booking Team

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You are lucky enough if you receive onboard credit while booking your cruise. It can be used in multiple ways. You can use it to purchase almost anything on the cruise, and it includes extra funds when you need some for port excursions or for pampering yourself. You can save money having one of these while you have more fun on your cruise.

How to Use Onboard Cruise Credit Like a Pro?

1. Have an Experience of a Lifetime with Shore Excursions

Be a part of exquisite shore excursions and experience the culture and beauty of a port using your onboard credit. Shore excursions help you escape the monotony of being on the ship 24x7 as you visit ports and spend some quality time there. Fun activities, for example, amidst a Mediterranean cruise include amazing experiences of visiting wineries and more.

2. Get yourself Spa Treatments

Enjoy a range of facials and massages, medispa, acupuncture procedures, manicures, and pedicures using your onboard cruise credit. Popular cruises house the Sea Thermal Suite, and you can get an expensive treatment using your onboard credit and relax. You will even be able to purchase smoothies at the spa cafés.

3. Make Upgrades to the Beverage Package

Indulge in the experience of having premium drinks such as handcrafted cruise cocktails by expert mixologists without having to worry about extra costs. You can go on using your onboard credits availing yourself of these beverage packages, and even make upgrades to high-end drinks.

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4. Use Credits on Visits to Private Islands

While on shore, it does not mean that you cannot use your credits. When you are making a port call to the private islands of your cruise line, suppose in the Caribbean, then any purchase you make is covered by your onboard credit account. These even include reservations made for private cabanas.

5. Go on a Shopping Spree as you Cruise

You can shop in exclusive boutiques on board, and it is an experience you do not want to miss. Use your onboard credit to buy designer specialties, from special edition watches to exquisite jewelry. More so, get your hands on cutting-edge electronic items and make your shopping experience at sea an exhilarating experience.

6. Dine in Specialty Restaurants

Specialty restaurants make you experience luxury in every sense of the word. Use your credits onboard to savor a wonderful dining experience. These restaurants are as much a treat for the eye as they have palates to offer. The decor of these restaurants is designed harmoniously with the delicacies they offer.

7. Get Professionally Photographed

Get professionally photographed on formal nights. When you wish to be photographed on land, it may cost you a hefty deal. However, with onboard credits, you can turn the onboard photographer into your personal photographer. These photographers, with their expertise, will offer you photos worth beholding for a lifetime.

Take Away

In case you notice you have unused onboard cruise credit before you reach the end of your cruising journey, you may approach the guest relations staff and give it away as tips to crew members who made your journey so worthwhile and wonderful.

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