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Is MSC More Expensive than Carnival?

Discover the best cruise for your style: Explore the price, fun, & elegance factors to choose between MSC and Carnival cruises.

By Cruise Booking Team

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When planning your next cruise trip, the cost is usually the first thing to come to mind. With the multitude of cruise lines to choose from and every cruise ship having unique things to offer with different amenities provided, all this influx of information can be confusing. When choosing cruises, the more popular and renowned cruise lines are always the best and safest options to choose from. MSC and Carnival are two such popular cruise lines that guarantee maximum enjoyment during your travels.

Even with this, more questions come to mind, such as whether to opt for MSC or Carnival or which cruise is more expensive than the other. Maybe you've heard that MSC is the expensive choice compared to Carnival, and vice versa, or you have doubts about where you should be spending more money depending on the experience.

In this article, we’ll help you draw a comparison of their affordability. By looking at different aspects such as onboard activities, cuisine, etc., we will assist you in understanding whether MSC is more expensive than Carnival or if it is completely different than that. So join us on this journey to discover which cruise is pricer.

All About the MSC Cruise

MSC Cruise is an EU-based corporation that provides an abundance of options for worldly exploration and indulgences. Providing sail to many places across the world, the MSC ensures an adventure for you to fulfill your every desire. Down below, you can find some more information about the MSC cruise to get a better picture:

1. Glamorous and Regal Themes:

MSC tends to make the cruise experience more glamorous. They feature fine art and Swarovski crystal staircases that create a space with a really pleasant ambiance. Coupled with fine dining experiences, this theme is heavily followed throughout all the activities available onboard.

2. Only the Latest Technology:

MSC has incorporated the latest technology onboard their cruises, e.g., cabins that have virtual assistants and can provide the latest news or weather reports, and apps and digital signs that help you and prevent random inconveniences, such as losing your way while exploring the ship or not knowing where to go to make it to your dinner or event reservations on time.

3. Fun Activities and Rides:

MSC has launched zip lines on their newest vessels. Although they’re not the first shipboard zip lines, they are currently the longest lines available in the industry. You can use and enjoy the zip lines at an additional cost. There are also more activities available during the daytime for an extra cost, e.g., bowling, 4D cinemas, and even billiards!

Facilities such as game nights, golfing, and jogging tracks, as well as gym facilities for fitness enthusiasts!

4. Fine Dining and Buffets, Always:

MSC, following through with its extravagant theme, provides a fine dining experience that features various cuisines such as Asian, Mediterranean, and even American cuisine. There are specialty restaurants available that cater to specific cuisines, and the main dining hall provides a buffet with an extensive array of dishes that are both regional as well as international.

All about the Carnival Cruise

Carnival is a global cruise line organization that operates and provides cruising experiences for people all around the world. Headquartered in both the USA and England, this cruise is known for having laid-back themes for their cruises. Listed below, you can find some more interesting things about Carnival to keep in mind:

1. Labeled as the ‘Fun Ships’:

Carnival is an ideal line for travelers who generally prefer things with more laid-back and light-hearted themes, hence their name "fun ships." They are what everyone pictures while thinking about a more casual-themed cruise.

2. Cinema and Amusement-Themed Rides:

Carnival also has a pretty impressive theatre set-up on board. It comes with an IMAX theater that provides a high-quality cinema experience for its users. Not only that, Carnival also offers SkyRide bikes that you ride above the decks, and it also has BOLT, which is the first-ever roller coaster experience being provided at sea. Carnival even features large and adrenaline-pumping waterslides!

Carnival is also known to host game nights like trivia and bingo, and specifically life-sized versions of your favorite board games like Yatzhee and Connect Four, to ensure that you and your family are never bored. There are even mini golf courses, jogging tracks, and even a basketball court.

3. Global Destinations:

Celebrated across the world for their holiday fervor and inexpensive fares, Carnival cruises feature a myriad of itineraries to the most popular destinations. From sunbaked Caribbean beaches and drives in the Bahamas ports to the mighty glaciers of Alaska and the cultural wonders of Europe, there is a Carnival Cruise for all those looking to explore the world.

4. Diverse Styles and Amenities:

Their 26-ship fleet, each one unique on its own, features various styles, amenities, and preferences, so you are sure to find something that fits your taste easily. Providing different amenities, from lounge-style relaxation to vivid live entertainment to delicious dining, Carnival can certainly make your travel a unique and fun experience. This cruise has a more casual dress code and a lively crowd, creating a social and relaxing environment that is ideal for a fun vacation where you can create memories that will last a lifetime.

5. Diverse Cuisine:

Carnival's food options are diverse, featuring burritos and pizza, as well as Guy Fieri hamburgers and barbecue. If you want to indulge, there's a restaurant serving steak, another providing Asian cuisine, and even a cafe providing specialized coffees. The line also offers a wonderful Chef's Table experience for a very restricted number of passengers.

Is MSC more expensive than Carnival? Or Is It the Other Way around

Though both cruises are similar in many aspects, certain factors come into play here. One is that MSC offers more international cruises compared to Carnival. The itinerary and time of year will always be the main factor when comparing prices.

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To conclude, both cruises have different amenities and events to experience, which is where it all boils down to. Both cruises have various things to offer, some more expensive than others, and vice versa. The prices for MSC are mostly lower than Carnival but choosing between the two is a decision that depends on your preferences, if you wish to have a more laid back and fun experience then the atmosphere on Carnival is suitable for you, whilst MSC is the perfect fit if you are looking for a fine dining and extravagant experience, as they offer a relaxed experience that is shaped with European elegance and a wide number of destinations. While you're looking for cruises to enjoy on your next trip, choose as your booking partner!

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