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Are Pets Allowed on Cunard Cruises?

Looking for a luxury cruise for you & your pet? Look no further than Cunard Line! Embark on the trip of a lifetime with your furry companion on the Queen Mary 2.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Many pet owners feel very sad to think of leaving their fuzzy friends behind when they are going on a trip. Pets are not just animals; they are our beloved family. Fortunately, the Cunard Line, known for its luxurious cruises, provides a perfect answer to this problem. Imagine boarding the transatlantic Queen Mary 2 with your beloved pet with you. This article brings Cunard's pet policy into focus, emphasizing the benefits and the details for people traveling with pets.

Cunard Pet Policy: Rules, Costs & Unforgettable Memories

The Pet-Loving Experience

Cunard Line seems to be the only cruise line in the world that allows passengers to have their pets on board. The Queen Mary 2, with its lavish features and transatlantic cruises, offers a comfortable place for the four-legged passengers. Pet owners can have peace of mind, knowing that their pets are not just being hosted but are being delicately cared for and looked after in the most comfortable manner.

Onboard Accommodations for Pets

The Queen Mary 2's kennel caters to 12 dogs and is designed to offer enough space for them to rest and relax during the journey. Besides, a playroom and walking area on a deck with an open design means that animals can run and play under the owners’ supervision. This is achieved by the carefully designed services that ensure both the physical and mental health of pets.

Rules and Paperwork

The fact that there will be pets on board is no doubt a very pleasant prospect, but it also implies some duties. Pet owners are expected to follow certain regulations and paperwork prescribed by Cunard Line for a safe and enjoyable journey. Before embarking, Cunard requires pets to be given all the needed vaccinations and treatments. Owners also have to obtain the necessary documents, such as a pet passport, in order to help their pets travel. These requirements could appear to be overwhelming, but Cunard gives step-by-step guidance for pet owners.


The pet traveling with Cunard cruises comes at a cost, with fares varying from $800 to $1,000 depending on the size of the pet. Even though it may mean an extra expense for travelers, this is a chance to experience the incredible moments of the trip with their pets and enjoy the beauty of a transatlantic trip as well. Furthermore, pet owners should pay attention to the length of the journey, pet comfort, and any travel restrictions or regulations that may be in place at the destination port.

The Pet Passenger Experience

For many pet owners, the fact that they can take their four-legged friends on a Cunard cruise goes beyond the convenience—it is all about creating a lifetime of memories together. From mellow walks on the open deck to intimate moments in the kennel, pets on the Queen Mary 2 experience a unique combination of adventure and comfort. The pet-owner interconnection forms a profound and unbreakable bond when the sights, sounds, and feelings of the sea are shared.

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In conclusion, Cunard Line's pet-friendly policy is a viable alternative for tourists who want to go on a trip and still take their pets with them. To travel transatlantic on board, the Queen Mary 2 in the company of our beloved pet is the embodiment of a luxury journey and inclusiveness. Although the journey can be quite demanding and requires strict compliance with certain requirements, the final gain is greater than the effort. For pet owners who wish to be a part of the extraordinary cruising experience that is both human and pet-friendly, Cunard cruises offer an unrivaled opportunity to embark on the trip of a lifetime.

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