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List of MSC Cruises Ships by Class, Age and Size

Read About the comprehensive list of MSC Cruises ships by class, age, and size for your ideal luxury cruise experience.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Mediterranean Shipping Company, known as MSC Cruises, is the largest privately-owned cruise line in the world with a 23-cruise fleet. After Carnival and Royal Caribbean, more than 10% of travelers choose MSC cruises worldwide each year. MSC Cruises is the 3rd largest cruise company in the world. Each cruise offers comfort, innovation, dining, entertainment areas, and onboard experiences.

MSC Cruises covers 140 destinations and 50 boarding points in the summer. MSC ships sail year-round in the Caribbean and Mediterranean. MSC seasonal itineraries include South America, Southern Africa, North America, Northern Europe, Dubai, Asia, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the Red Sea.

With many cruise options, it isn't easy to choose the best cruise for you as they cover the most popular destinations like South America, Europe, The Caribbean and the Bahamas, Bermuda, Eastern Canada and New England, The Persian Gulf, and many more. Here is everything you need to know about MSC Cruises for planning your upcoming MSC Cruises journey. We covered all MSC Cruise ships by class, year, and size.

MSC Cruise Ships by Class

Cruise ships can be of various sizes and types. When you choose any of the cruises, you will have a class of that Individual cruise ship. It helps you to find similar cruises and separate cruises of the same cruise line.

MSC Cruise ships fleet in groups of classes. Each ship with the same classes has a very similar, with some minor changes on board. MSC Cruises has eight classes. The first-ever class of MSC cruises was "MSC Lirica Class," and the latest one is "MSC World Class".

MSC Class Ships
Lirica Class MSC Armonia, MSC Sinfonia, MSC Lirica, MSC Opera
Musica Class MSC Musica, MSC Orchestra, MSC Poesía, MSC Magnifica
Fantasia Class MSC Fantasia, MSC Splendida, MSC Divina, MSC Preziosa
Seaside Class MSC Seaside, MSC Seaview
Seaside EVO Class MSC Seashore, MSC Seascape
Meraviglia Class MSC Meraviglia, MSC Bellissima
Meraviglia-Plus Class MSC Grandiosa, MSC Virtuosa, MSC Euribia
World Class MSC World Europa, MSC World America

1. Lirica Class

The “Mistral Class” cruise ships currently owned by MSC Cruises are the oldest group of ships in the MSC Cruise line. As per history, the mistral class ship was ordered by Renaissance Cruises in 1996, but later, they withdrew the order. Then Festival Cruises took the order and went bankrupt. In 2004, 4 cruise ships were taken over by MSC Cruises, and Mistral Class cruises became MSC Lirica Class Cruise ships.

New features in Lirica Class cruise ships included elegant accommodation, suites, family options, cabins with a balcony or ocean view, new child and teen areas, a spray park, more dining options, bars, refurnished shops, a longue, and restaurants.

MSC Armonia

MSC Armonia in Lirica Class

MSC Armonia is one of the Lirica class cruise ships built in 2001, originally built for Festival Cruises as “MS European Vision,” and has been operated by MSC Cruises since 2004. She can accommodate 760 crew members and 2,065 passengers. Her itineraries destinations are the Mediterranean, MSC Grand Voyages, and South America.

MSC Sinfonia

MSC Sinfonia in Lirica Class

Photo by Jay Bee at Unsplash

Like the sister cruise MSC Armonia, MSC Sinfonia was a part of Festival Cruises before known as “MS European Stars.” She was the last cruise ship built for Festival Cruises, then it became a part of MSC in 2004 and sailed under the name of “MSC Armonia.” The maximum speed of MSC Sinfonia is 21.7 knots, and sailing is a famous destination in the Mediterranean with a capacity of 2646 passengers and 721 crew members.

MSC Lirica

MSC Lirica in Lirica Class

MSC Lirica was the first newbuild cruise ship on service for MSC Cruises. Her sister cruises, MSC Armonia and MSC Sinfonia, are basically the same but have a smaller ship funnel and other modifications like windows and interior, but MSC Opera is a very similar sister cruise ship. She can carry 2648 passengers and 721 crew members. MSC Grand Voyages, the Mediterranean, and South America are the destinations where MSC Lirica is sailing.

MSC Opera

MSC Opera in Lirica Class

MSC Opera cruise ship, built in 2004, is currently operated by Swiss company MSC Cruises. She is carrying 2658 passengers and 728 crew members. She served as the flagship of the company till 2006. She built with more classic lines than her sister in the Fantasia and Musica classes. She is sailing to the destinations of MSC Grand Voyages, Emirates, and the Mediterranean.

2. Musica Class

Musica Class ships started in 2006, operated by MSC Cruises, a Swiss global cruise line located in Geneva. The first cruise was MSC Musica, and the class was named after her. The 4 ships are on the list: MSC Musica, MSC Orchestra, MSC Poesía, and MSC Magnifica.

The features of this Musica class cruise ship are luxury cabins and suits with an obstructed view, entertainment areas, pools, bars, restaurants, café areas, a Pullman bed facility, and more.

MSC Musica

MSC Musica in Musica Class

MSC Musica is the first cruise ship of the Musica Class, built in 2006 and operated by MSC Cruises. She has 1014 passenger cabins with 3223 passengers and 987 crew members capacity. The popular destinations she is sailing are the Mediterranean, MSC Grand Voyages, South America, Saudi Arabia, and the Red Sea.

MSC Orchestra

MSC Orchestra is the second cruise ship of the Musica Class family. It was built in 2007 for MSC Cruises. She accommodates 3223 passengers and about 940 crew members. The interior décor of marble and wood, soft furnishing, and Italian quality colors. She is sailing to cover the Mediterranean and MSC Grand Voyages.

MSC Poesía

MSC Poesia in Musica Class

MSC Poesía was built in 2008 by the “Aker Yards” in France. She is a sister Cruise ship of other Musica Class Cruise ships. She was the flagship of MSC Cruises until MSC Fantasia replaced her. She is the first vessel in the MSC Cruises fleet officially named outside Italy in 2008. She has 3223 passengers capacity and 1039 crew members capacity. The Mediterranean, MSC Grand Voyages, and Northern Europe are the destinations available to enjoy the MSC Poesía Cruise ships.

MSC Magnifica

MSC Magnifica in Musica Class

Photo by wasi1370 at Pixabay

MSC Magnifica was launched in January 2009, built in January 2010, and entered service in March 2010. She was constructed by “STX Europe” in France. MSC Magnifica can carry 987 crew members and 3223 passengers with 1279 cabins. MSC Magnifica sailing around the Caribbean & Antilles, Mediterranean, MSC Grand Voyages, and other global destinations. The ship has 13 decks, an Art-Deco style theatre, casino, cinema, dining and bar areas, and other entertainment areas.

3. Fantasia Class

The MSC Fantasia Class cruise ships have been operated by MSC Cruises since 2008. All Fantasia Class Cruise ships are part of third-generation ships built by STX Europe in St. Nazaire. Four Cruise ships, MSC Fantasia, MSC Splendida, MSC Divina, and the MSC Preziosa, are vessels under the MSC Fantasia Class.

The ships from Fantasia Class have 1313 seat theaters, around 30,000 m² large public areas, 1700 m² fitness areas, a mini golf course, and a tennis/basketball court. MSC Fantasia Class Cruise Ships received the “Six Golden Pearls” trophy for health, safety, and environmental-related capabilities.

MSC Fantasia

MSC Fantasia in Fantasia Class

Photo by sergio_pulp at Freepik

MSC Fantasia was the first ever cruise ship for MSC Fantasia Class, which is owned and operated by MSC Cruises. She started cruising from Genoa in 2008. MSC Fantasia was the largest ship to operate for MSC Cruises at the time of delivery. She has a 4D cinema, a spa, a race car simulator, and musical fountains.

She can carry 4363 passengers and 1370 crew members. MSC Fantasia vessels to the ports of the Mediterranean and MSC Grand Voyages.

MSC Splendida

MSC Splendida in Fantasia Class

Photo by violetta at Pixabay

MSC Splendida, previously known as “MSC Serenata,” was built in 2009 with a $550 million investment. Her capacity is 1370 crew members and 4363 passengers. She is ready to schedule to be sailing in Durban for 2023/2024 and will serve South Africa to Mauritius, Port Elizabeth, Mozambique, Reunion, Namibia & Cape Town. The ship has a system to program multiple songs to play and enjoy. She is the best Eco-ship that gives you luxury, style, and comfort to the MSC Grand Voyages, South Africa, and Mediterranean destinations.

MSC Divina

MSC Divina in Fantasia Class

Photo by 31774 at Pixabay

In the Fantasia Class, MSC Divina is the third ship for the class and the twelfth ship built and sailing for MSC cruises. With 139,072 tons gross tonnage, she is larger than MSC Fantasia and MSC Splendida. They renamed MSC Fantastica to honor the actress, Sophia Loren. The Cruise provides modern comfort, a variety of sports and entertainment, and relaxation facilities. She is one of the ships that are sailing to the private island destination, “Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve,” Bahamas.

MSC Preziosa

MSC Preziosa in Fantasia Class

Photo by BazzaBoy at Pixabay

Preziosa is a magnified version of her two sister cruise ships, MSC Fantasia and MSC Splendida. She was the 13th cruise ship of MSC Cruise line. 80% of rooms have an ocean view with a veranda on this cruise. The ship has 24.21 knots maximum speed. Public areas included seven restaurants, 20 lounges and bars, four swimming pools, a gym, and a spa. She has a capacity of 1388 crew members and 4345 passengers. MSC Preziosa departs from Rotterdam, Santos (Sao Paulo), Hamburg, Copenhagen, Le Havre, Le Havre Southampton, Oslo, Southampton, Copacabana Beach and Rio de Janeiro. She sailed to cover the ports & areas of South America, MSC Grand Voyages, and Northern Europe.

4. Seaside Class

The first and leading cruise ship MSC Seaside starts from December 2017 in the Caribbean Sea. The two original MSC Seaside Class is MSC Seaside and MSC Seaview are designed to sailing in warmer climates as MSC describe, they follow the sun. The ship features convertible staterooms and cluster cabins for groups and families, open modular, luxury suits with private jacuzzies and hanging gardens.

She sails with extra space areas and environmental technologies. The Seaside Class is developed on Fincantieri's "Project Mille". The all-cruise ships of this class have "Sea" prefix.

MSC Seaside

MSC Seaside in Seaside Class

Photo by joasouza at Depositphotos

MSC Seaside was built by Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri and entered services in 2017. She was the first ship of the MSC Cruises line's fleet in the United States. She is the 14th largest cruise ship in the world. She has cabins and suites with balconies to open-air bars and restaurants. Also, passengers can enjoy the ocean view from panoramic elevators and two glass-floor catwalks. She sails to the Caribbean & Bahamas, the Mediterranean, and MSC Grand Voyages.

MSC Seaview

MSC Seaview in Seaside Class

MSC Seaview is a sister cruise ship of MSC Seaside and a very family-friendly ship. MSC Seaview is sailing to the Mediterranean, South America, and Western Mediterranean, but she is sailing to Europe or Brazil if you are planning during the winter months. She offers the longest zip lines at sea, shooting water cannons, and many other activities for kids and adults.

5. Seaside EVO Class

There are two cruise ships, MSC Seashore and MSC Seascape, in the Seaside EVO Class. The first Cruise MSC Seashore entered service in 2021. It is a sub-class of Seaside Class, and both cruises are Eco-friendly. With the larger dimensions, more generous public spaces, countless options for relaxing and outside dining, and staterooms with more luxury and relaxation.

MSC Seashore

MSC Seashore became the lead ship of the Seaside EVO class. She is an evolution of her sister cruise ships, MSC Seaview and MSC Seaside from Seaside Class. She sails to the Western Caribbean, Bahamas, and Eastern Caribbean. She is equipped with the latest advanced environmental technology to increase energy. She can carry 5632 passengers and 1648 crew members.

MSC Seascape

MSC Seascape in Seaside EVO Class

Photo by Edoardo Cozza

The second Seaside EVO Class Cruise ship, MSC Seascape, is a similar version of the sister cruise, MSC Seashore. She can accommodate approx. 5877 passengers. She features a glitzy, New York City-inspired aesthetic. Start sailing from sunny Miami and explore white-sand beaches and turquoise waters of the Bahamas and Caribbean. Many environmentally friendly policies, safety features, and other minor details are similar to her sister ship, MSC Seashore.

6. Meraviglia Class

The Meraviglia Class has two MSC Cruise ships, MSC Meraviglia and MSC Bellissima. The class is larger than the Seaside class. This class has the sixth largest cruise ship in the world, behind Royal Caribbean's AIDAnova and Oasis-class cruise ships. This class of sheep can journey all around the world. Meraviglia Class was uniquely designed, allowing it to reach ports that other cruise ships couldn't access.

Some signature features of Meraviglia Class cruise ships are F1 simulators, Sportsplex, beverage options, various luxurious cabins and staterooms, spacious shopping areas, bars and restaurants, and more. Passengers can enjoy all-new entertainment concepts, including acrobatics, dance, and live music in Meraviglia Class ships.

MSC Meraviglia

MSC Meraviglia in Meraviglia Class

Photo by Futuregirl at Pixabay

MSC Cruises set the bar high as they launched the first cruise of this class, MSC Meraviglia, the biggest ship in the European market, in 2017. She is the lead ship of MSC Cruises' new "Vista Project" cruises. MSC Meraviglia offers an overnight stay on Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, a Private Island of MSC in The Bahamas. She sails to Bermuda, the Caribbean, and Canada/New England. The cruise has 5642 passengers capacity.

MSC Bellissima

MSC Bellissima in Meraviglia Class

Photo by Jakez Bo at Flickr

MSC Bellissima is the best family-friendly cruise. She debuted and started her journey in March 2019. Facilities on the cruise include a large number of dining, drinking, and entertainment options, including the second Cirque du Soleil at Sea, four pools, a ropes course, a water park, and a large central promenade lined with bars, shops, and restaurants. She has the capacity to carry 5655 passengers and sail to Asia.

7. Meraviglia-Plus Class

MSC Meraviglia-Plus Class has three new updated versions and new-generation cruises of Meraviglia Class with more advanced technology, space areas, entertainment areas, and more fun. The first cruise of this class, MSC Grandiosa, was launched in 2019. This class cruise has featured the first and only masterpiece, “Contemporary Fine Art Museum at Sea.”

The environmental-friendly cruises of Meraviglia-Plus Class operate at a global level, covering routes in Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Europe, the Baltic Sea, North and Central America, the Arab Emirates, South America and the Indian Ocean, and the Far East.

MSC Grandiosa

MSC Grandiosa was the first ever cruise ship of Meraviglia-Plus Class debut in 2019. She offers more public space areas with exciting innovations. Passengers can enjoy flexible dining and unlimited drinks in various restaurants. She is MSC’s first ship with a selective catalytic reduction. She sails to MSC Grand Voyages, the Mediterranean, and South America. She has the capacity to carry 6334 passengers.

MSC Virtuosa

MSC Virtuosa is the second ship in the Meraviglia-Plus class. She is a sister ship to MSC Grandiosa with similar features and entered the service in May 2021. She is also the largest ship, like a sister cruise, with 181,541 GT and carries a total of 6334 passengers. An updating feature on MSC Virtuosa is the extended interior Promenade, with cafes, shops, and bars, and overhead the entire ceiling is a 95m by 6m LED screen displaying panoramas and the night sky.

MSC Euribia

MSC Euribia in Meraviglia-Plus Class

The best family-friendly cruise, MSC Euribia offers a wide range of family activities, fun top decks, cabins, and more dining and drink options. She is called after "the ancient goddess Eurybia," furthering the vision of the MSC Euribia to learn the deployment of state-of-the-art sustainable technologies to save and maintain the precious marine ecosystem. MSC Euribia sails to the Baltic Sea and the Middle East with a capacity of 6327 passengers.

8. World Class

In 2022, MSC debut the first Word Class cruise ship “MSC World Europa” - the largest cruise ship in MSC’s history built by Chantiers de l'Atlantique of France. The design of this class would become the third new prototype ordered by MSC Cruises. The World Class series cruise installed with GE Power Conversion. MSC revealed that their upcoming sister cruise ship of MSC World Europa will debut in 2024 and two more in 2025 and 2026 respectively. All ships are powered by LNG.

The Word Class cruise ships have largest waterpark in fleet, 7 swimming pools including sliding roof, MSC kids club for families and children, 13 dining venues, 19 various cabin categories, with 7 new designs. The Gross tonnage of the Word Class cruise ships is 2,15,863.

MSC World Europa

MSC World Europa in World Class

MSC's first-class cruise ship, MSC World Europa, is the first cruise ship with green technology, MSC's first and the world's sixth largest cruise ship, debuting in 2022. With a 6762 capacity of passengers and 2626 cabins, she is cruising in the Mediterranean. MSC World Europa is a groundbreaking addition to the MSC Cruises set to redefine the concept of innovation and luxury on the high seas. The main activity hub onboard is "The World Galleria."

MSC World America

Enjoy the journey of the Caribbean as never before. In Spring 2025, MSC Cruises' second World Class ship, MSC World America, will join the fleet. Get ready to sail from Miami for two jaw-dropping tropical 7-night itineraries in the Eastern and Western Caribbean. She has similar features to the sister cruise MSC World Europa. The ship is 215,863 gross tons and will be ready to carry 6,762 passengers at full, with 2,126 crew.

MSC Cruise Ships by Age (From newest to oldest)

The first MSC cruise was MSC Armonia, previously known as a "European Vision" in 2001, built with 245 million USD cost, and MSC's newest ship is "MSC World America," which will launch in 2024 with approx. 1.1 billion USD built worth.

The table below shows MSC Cruises Ships from newest to oldest by built year and also mentions refurbished year and approx. Built cost of each MSC cruise.

Ship (Newest to Oldest) Year Built Refurbished Cost (In Million USD)
MSC World America 2024   1125
MSC Euribia 2023   850
MSC World Europa 2022   1255
MSC Seascape 2022   1000
MSC Seashore 2021   1000
MSC Virtuosa 2021   850
MSC Grandiosa 2019   850
MSC Bellissima 2019   950
MSC Seaview 2018   745
MSC Seaside 2017   745
MSC Meraviglia 2017   950
MSC Preziosa 2013 2021 550
MSC Divina 2012 2021 550
MSC Magnifica 2010 2021 550
MSC Splendida 2009 2017 550
MSC Fantasia 2008 2021 550
MSC Poesia 2008 2021 360
MSC Orchestra 2007 2021 480
MSC Musica 2006 2019 360
MSC Opera 2004 2022 270
MSC Lirica 2003 2021 270
MSC Sinfonia 2002 2015 245
MSC Armonia 2001 2019 245

MSC Cruise Ships by Size

MSC has a total of 23 cruises on the list. All Cruises are made with different dimensions, shapes, and features. The large cruise ships (MSC World Class Cruises) have the greatest number of pools, waterslides, hot tubs, and other deck-top allures, as well as various bars, restaurants, and entertainment areas. There are a large number of cabins, staterooms, and more facilities in comparison to small cruise ships (MSC Lirica Class).

So, what about small cruises? Small cruises are also capable of carrying 2000 to 3000 people easily. It means small Cruises of MSC Cruises also offer luxurious and relaxation journeys with tasty dining and entertainment areas and fun activities. The main point is MSC Cruises sails globally. Travelers can choose their dream destination with their favorite MSC cruise ships.

From the biggest or largest cruise to the smallest one, all are covered in the list below, including Gross tonnage, capacity of passengers, number of cabins, including guests with disabilities.

Cruise Gross Tonnage Cabin Passenger Capicity
MSC World America 2,15,863 2626 6,762
MSC Euribia 1,83,500 2419 6327
MSC World Europa 2,15,863 2626 6762
MSC Seascape 1,69,400 2270 5877
MSC Seashore 1,69,400 2270 5632
MSC Virtuosa 1,81,541 2421 6334
MSC Grandiosa 1,81,541 2421 6334
MSC Bellissima 1,71,598 2201 5655
MSC Seaview 1,53,516 2026 5079
MSC Seaside 1,53,516 2026 5079
MSC Meraviglia 1,71,598 2214 5642
MSC Preziosa 1,39,072 1751 4345
MSC Divina 1,39,072 1751 4345
MSC Magnifica 95,128 1279 3223
MSC Splendida 1,37,936 1637 4363
MSC Fantasia 1,37,936 1636 4363
MSC Poesia 92,627 1275 3223
MSC Orchestra 92,409 1275 3223
MSC Musica 92,409 1014 3223
MSC Opera 65,591 1070 2658
MSC Lirica 65,591 988 2648
MSC Sinfonia 65,591 976 2646
MSC Armonia 65,542 976 2620

Final Words

MSC Cruises has a wide range of cruise ships based on class. You can choose the best one as per your preference. If you are looking for a small one, you can go on Lirica Class cruises, but if you like giant and advanced tech cruises with a lot of activities and fun with more options in food, stay, drinking, and shopping, then you must book most luxurious and largest MSC World Class Cruises.

Enjoy your cruise journey with MSC with global destinations.

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