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Ultimate Things to do on the Oosterdam

If you are planning a cruise on Holland America’s Oosterdame you won’t to miss the 5 things to do on the onboard. Check them out!

By Cruise Booking Team

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Are you an avid traveller planning an Oosterdam Cruise? This article is exclusively meant for you. It shares the amazing things to do on the Oosterdam.

Cruise voyages are key to achieving an excellent getaway at sea without breaking your budget. You can find discounts on a luxury cruise or a family-friendly cruise, or other onboard amenities such as additional onboard credit.

The Oosterdam Cruise Ship is the best for you. It provides you with a package with planned activities for spending time on your restful trip.

So, here are the top 5 things to do on the Oosterdam:

Top 5 Things to do onboard the Oosterdam

1. Watch a Sunset at Sea

Eyeing the sun slip through the sky before sinking into the sea is not just for couples but for everyone. There's something so serene about watching the sky transform—from your balcony in your bathrobe, on the deck over a meal, or at the bow of the ship with your loved ones; it is what makes the charms of a cruise different from any other vacation.

2. Tour the Bridge and the Cruise Galley

If you have the chance to tour the bridge and the galley, which is not always available, then attempt to tour the captain's control room (bridge) or the cruise ship kitchens (galley) and grab the opportunity. The tour isn't just for engineers; seeing how a vessel of such size steers along docks and over other ships is a splendid education for any cruiser.

3. Play Trivia, Bingo, or a Pool Game

These reciprocal events are some of the finest methods to meet new people, make friends onboard, and generate fantastic stories to cherish with your travel buddies post-trip.

4. Go for a Duty-free Shopping

Beyond the souvenir and logo wear, you are free to shop sporting branded sweatshirts, shot glasses, and all the toiletries you left at home. Cruise lines radiate out their contribution into a mall-like multiplex of designer stores, luxurious pieces of jewellery, and art galleries. This is the best thing to do for a shopaholic passenger out of all of them.

5. Capture a Moment with Your Towel Animal

Towel animals are more or less the signature of the cruise industry. Swans, frogs, and monkeys are made by room caretakers who develop origami-like folding techniques to change towels to welcome a party in the cabin. If photographing your towel animal isn't pleasing enough, then make your towel pet; many cruise lines host towel-folding demos as part of their daily program of activities.

Key Takeaways

Spend time on the Oosterdam to get quality time for your family and yourself. The ultimate things to do on the Oosterdam have already been discussed in detail in the former part of the article. The precious moments you spend on the Oosterdam Cruise Ship will be a lifetime experience for you and your family.

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