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What are the top cruise lines that go to Saudi Arabia?

Find out which cruise lines offer an unforgettable journey to Saudi Arabia.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Few destinations worldwide have undergone such a profound and appealing transformation as Saudi Arabia. Although very few people have visited this city, the arrival of cruise lines in Saudi Arabian waters is a great opportunity to visit the city and experience its development. The country is moving into the spotlight, exposing its rich heritage, cultural delights, and natural beauty.

Top Cruise Lines Going to Saudi Arabia 

1. MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises is one of the world's leading cruise lines that has expanded into the Arabian Gulf, and It offers cruises with stops in Saudi Arabia. Their itineraries include Jeddah, a Red Sea port city, and other Gulf destinations. These cruises are known for various activities to entertain guests. They also have delectable dining options and plenty of space for the guests.

The opportunity to see Jeddah's historical landmarks, such as the old town of Al-Balad with its stunning architecture and vibrant markets, is a highlight of MSC's Saudi Arabia cruises. Passengers also enjoy the untouched beauty of the Red Sea and its myriad marine life, which is ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts.

2. Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises also offers cruises to Saudi Arabia. Their routes frequently include visits to Jeddah and other towns along the Arabian Gulf. Costa Cruises is prominent for its Italian style, delicious cuisine, and varied onboard entertainment.

Passengers on Costa Cruises may immerse themselves in the lively culture of Jeddah, where traditional markets, or souks, beckon with exotic spices and fabrics. Costa Cruises also frequently incorporates trips to other Gulf nations, such as the UAE and Oman, delivering a well-rounded Arabian experience.

3. Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International, known for its innovative ships and engaging onboard activities, includes Saudi Arabia in several of its Arabian Gulf trips. Passengers can visit Jeddah and other Gulf cities.

Royal Caribbean offers Broadway-style performances, rock-climbing walls, world-class restaurants, and cultural excursions in Jeddah. This exciting and luxurious combination is ideal for families and adventure enthusiasts.

4. AIDA Cruises

AIDA Cruises has also expanded its presence on the Saudi Arabia cruise route. Their voyages typically include visits to Saudi ports such as Jeddah and NEOM. AIDA Cruises is well-known for its quiet and calm atmosphere, making it a perfect choice for travelers looking for a relaxing cruise experience.

The itineraries of AIDA Cruises blend culture, adventure, and relaxation. Passengers can stroll around Jeddah's lively streets, where new and historic structures coexist. A tour of NEOM, Saudi Arabia's grandiose future city, also reveals the country's distinct worldview.

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The emergence of cruise lines in Saudi Arabia offers a new dimension to touring this charming state. Choose the cruise line that suits your budget and itinerary. With its rich history, current innovations, and breathtaking natural surroundings, Saudi Arabia offers a unique and incredible cruise journey.

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