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What Are the Best Cruise Destinations for the MSC Opera Cruise?

Planning an MSC Opera cruise? Explore top destinations like Venice, Dubrovnik, and Mykonos, immersing yourself in history, architecture, and captivating cultures.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Sailing with MSC Opera is a unique opportunity to experience comfort and elegance combined with the choice of interesting and beautiful places. With a capacity to accommodate 2,679 passengers and 1,071 cabins, MSC Opera provides a comfortable environment for guests without feeling overcrowded. This is made possible by a committed team of 728 employees, who ensure that every trip is relaxed and full of pleasant moments. Now, let's take a closer look at some of the most popular cruise destinations that MSC Opera can provide, all of which are sure to offer incredible experiences and memories.

Explore the World with MSC Opera

1. Mediterranean Marvels: Venice, Italy

Venice is a beautiful city in Italy, located in the Mediterranean region. It is famous for its canals, buildings, and culture. When MSC Opera arrives at the Venetian port, the passengers get to see this beautiful floating city. Venice has a lot to offer, whether it is riding in a gondola through the small canals, visiting St. Mark's Basilica, or the Doge's Palace.

Venice boasts a historical background, which is evident in the narrow streets and old town squares. For art lovers, there is the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, and for food lovers, there are various trattorias to enjoy traditional Italian dishes. The city of Venice has a romantic and historical feel and is a perfect place to visit when on a Mediterranean cruise.

2. Eastern European Elegance: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a city in Croatia famous for its Renaissance architecture, medieval walls, and baroque buildings. It is often called the "Pearl of the Adriatic." Embarking in Dubrovnik on MSC Opera gives passengers a chance to have a glimpse of the old world as they stroll along the city walls and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea and the city's red-tiled roofs.

The old town, with its cobblestoned streets and ancient buildings such as the Rector's Palace and Sponza Palace, is a cultural delight. For lovers of nature, Lokrum Island is nearby, where tourists can enjoy the exotic botanical gardens and beautiful beaches. Dubrovnik is a perfect destination for history and culture lovers and for those who like beautiful nature.

3. Greek Island Paradise: Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is one of the most famous Greek islands, and its white houses, clean sea, and active nightlife attract tourists from all over the world. When MSC Opera arrives at this beautiful island, guests are instantly enchanted by the island's famous windmills and picturesque cobblestone streets filled with shops and cafes.

Tourism in Mykonos is all about the beaches, which include Paradise Beach and Elia Beach, where tourists can sunbathe. The island has a vibrant nightlife with many bars and clubs open to the public and operating throughout the night. For history lovers, the island of Delos, which is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Greece, is just a boat ride away. Mykonos is a beautiful island that provides both a calm and an adventurous spirit.

4. African Coastal Gem: Durban, South Africa

Durban is a lively coastal city in the Republic of South Africa that boasts beautiful sandy beaches, cultural and historical landmarks, and wildlife, when MSC Opera docks in Durban, the first thing visitors see is the city's famous Golden Mile—a strip of golden sandy beaches perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and even surfing.

The cultural aspect of the city is also reflected in the various markets found in the city, including the Victoria Street Market, where one can purchase local arts and crafts and taste Zulu delicacies. The city is also near game reserves such as Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park, which provides exciting safari tours to see the Big Five animals in the wild. The city of Durban is unique in that it offers the excitement of a large city and the beauty of nature.

5. Exotic Arabian Delights: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, UAE, has become synonymous with tall buildings, fancy shopping malls, and a rich way of life. When MSC Opera arrives in Dubai, guests can go ashore and visit this vibrant city that combines the spirit of the East and the West.

From the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, to the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai has much to see. Tourists can visit the Dubai Mall, take a desert safari, or spend time at Jumeirah Beach. The cultural aspect of the city is well represented in the Al Fahidi district, which contains traditional souks and museums that give a glimpse into the history of Dubai. Dubai is a perfect example of luxury, culture, and adventure that people should visit.

6. South American Adventure: Argentina,  Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a city full of passion, from tango dancing to historic districts and nightlife. Passengers of MSC Opera can feel the atmosphere of Buenos Aires as soon as they arrive in the city, especially when visiting the colorful district of La Boca, where one can see street art and tango shows.

The city's architecture is also historic, and places like the Casa Rosada and the Teatro Colón give a glimpse of Argentina's history. Gourmets will appreciate the variety of restaurants offering both world-famous Argentine steaks and traditional cuisine. The city of Buenos Aires is full of energy and has great cultural potential, so it is always a pleasure to visit it.

7. Scandinavian Splendor: Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and a beautiful city with canals, historical structures, and modern gastronomy. When MSC Opera arrives in Copenhagen, tourists can visit the famous places, including the colorful harbor Nyhavn, the old Tivoli Gardens, and the majestic Amalienborg Palace.

Copenhagen is an environmentally conscious city with bike lanes and many parks, making it enjoyable to walk or bike around. Food enthusiasts can enjoy new Nordic cuisine in restaurants such as Noma. Copenhagen is a perfect mix of history and contemporary architecture, and the food is simply amazing.

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The voyage on MSC Opera allows one to explore a variety of places that are interesting and memorable in their own way. From the romantic city of Venice to the tango city of Buenos Aires, MSC Opera offers a variety of destinations for every traveler. Whether people are looking for an adventurous vacation, a leisurely cruise, or an opportunity to explore the world's cultures, these locations offer incredible experiences at sea. Embark on a journey with MSC Opera and discover new destinations and new horizons that are waiting to be explored.

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