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MSC Poesia Cruises Yacht Club in sea
MSC Poesia Cruises Yacht Club in sea

Is MSC Cruises' Yacht Club Worth It?

Dive into the indulgent world of exclusivity and amenities to decide if the premium experience justifies the cost.

By Cruise Booking Team

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MSC Cruises Yacht Club is a place of luxury among luxury cruising worldwide. The yacht club was introduced on MSC Fantasia in 2008, and later on, all the subsequent ships, including the latest addition to the fleet, MSC Seashore, are premium experiences that have become a staple. Yacht Club is a refuge within a mega-ship, featuring high-class treatment and many privileges for its customers interested in an exquisite cruise.

Does MSC Cruises Provide Value for Money?

The Yacht Club Experience

The exclusive amenities of the Yacht Club form its heart, along with a separate section of the ship. Passengers have deluxe rooms, including a private lounge, pool, and restaurant. The yacht club concept was first introduced on MSC Fantasia and later extended to newer ships such as MSC Seashore, a place of tranquility amid mega-ship activities.

Yacht Club Across the Fleet

Over the years, the concept of the Yacht Club has been extended to numerous ships such as MSC Splendida, MSC Divina, MSC Preziosa, MSC Seaside, MSC Meraviglia, MSC Seaview, MSC Bellissima. This premium offering continues to be added consistently across the fleet to endorse its popularity and success.

Yacht Club Fares

It is undoubtedly expensive to stay in a Yacht Club, and in most cases, it costs twice as much as a cabin. Prices also differ, with an interior cabin being around $2,800 for two passengers, whereas a balcony can cost up to $4,100. But the Yacht Club is worth every penny owing to its high-class amenities and ultimate luxury.

Yacht Club Perks

The Yacht Club attracts people because it has many unique privileges. For example, among others, one of the remarkable advantages is the premium drink package, which is added to all Yacht Club suites. The $15 package covers a variety of beverages that are either alcoholic or non-alcoholic. To ensure complete relaxation, there is an extra two-device WiFi package and access to the thermal spa suite.

Embarkation and Disembarkation

VIP treatment from the time the customers arrive at the port is one of the most fascinating characteristics of the yacht club. There is a separate check-in zone, quicker security checks, and priority embarking to make this process smooth. Priority disembarkation is also reserved for the Yacht Club guests who thus skip the crowds.

No Membership Fee

Unlike loyalty programs, the Yacht Club does not charge a membership fee. Instead, they can book a suite within the Yacht Club and become part of this exclusive enclave. This premium cruise experience is trendy, so planning is a must since the suites tend to sell out pretty early.

Yacht Club Design and Atmosphere

The Yacht Club's design philosophy is focused on building a calm and sophisticated setting. It is an enclave that exudes elite sophistication and classiness with neutral tones. Expansive balconies, soft loungers, and chic sun deck cushions help create a luxurious atmosphere inside and outside.


The Yacht Club is not restricted to adults. Families get the best of both worlds. The ship provides unique places and facilities for kids to be entertained and have distractions. The Yacht Club maintains its sophisticated atmosphere, with disruptions from younger guests being infrequent.

Yacht Club Restaurant Excellence

The most outstanding feature of the Yacht Club is its particular restaurant, which provides a more elaborate selection than the other main dining rooms. Yacht Club restaurant offers a high-quality dining experience using quality ingredients and a personal approach. The culinary journey in the Yacht Club goes beyond the recommendations to accommodate the dietary restrictions.

The Ultimate Luxury

A personal butler, which takes the Yacht Club experience to another level. The butler sees everything, from making dinner reservations to ensuring your bed on the Top Sail sundeck is ready. The VIP treatment goes beyond the line's ship, including priority access to shows, shore excursions, and Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve.

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The answer to whether the Yacht Club is worth the splurge is evident as we evaluate its pros and cons. The Yacht club is a category of cabins, but it's much more than that; it is an experience where luxury, convenience, and exclusivity are combined. Yacht Club provides this level of indulgence from embarkation and through the butler's personalized service. The Yacht Club is a fitting purchase for those seeking to unwind in a plush setting amidst the luxury of a mega-ship. A cruise on board will be a lavish holiday of life on the sea. For more information about the Yacht Club, visit

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