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Which MSC Cruise Is Best for Kids?

Explore the family-friendly charm of MSC Cruises. Continue reading to discover why it's a top choice for kids, uncovering features to create lasting memories.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Choosing the right cruise line for a family vacation is crucial, and MSC Cruises is one of the best options available. MSC's commitment to family-friendly experiences, especially on their newest ship, MSC Seaside, makes it a fantastic option for families with kids. It is the best option of cruises for kids, around the globe. In this article, we'll explore which MSC Cruises is best for kids and know about its features through which it creates unforgettable memories at sea.

Exploring the Kid-Friendly Aspects of MSC Cruises

All About MSC Seaside

One of MCS's latest and biggest ships, the MSC Seaside, was specially designed to keep the needs of American families in focus. Compared to several other MSC vessels, the main language used onboard is English, thus providing an attractive experience for English-speaking families. It has many American restaurants and large comfortable rooms, which make it a suitable option for family holidays.

One of the highlights of MSC Seaside is Doremi Land, an onboard kids' club. It also has LEGO-themed rooms that provide appropriate play opportunities for children ranging between 6 months and 17 years, with some children allowed to use a 3D printer and a laptop for their projects. The youth staff team engages children in exciting activities such as parades and splash parks, ensuring non-stop entertainment for children at sea.

Entertainment for the Whole Family

MSC Seaside has something for every age group, from interactive family attractions to discos and jaw-dropping production shows. It also provides a ropes course and an exciting water park with various games and quizzes for families to participate in. The cruise line also offers age-appropriate shore excursions, enabling parents to enjoy their cruise destinations and ports while the children are having fun at sea.

Dining Options and Accommodations

Similarly, every restaurant on the MSC Seaside has its own kids' menu, and there is an exclusive dining arrangement referred to as happy dinners, which enables adults to have a peaceful meal. At the same time, their children are being cared for, and they can have fun at the kids' club. In addition, it has various suite options, such as Duplex suites with hot tubs on private balconies, thus offering plenty of room for families to rest comfortably.

MSC Cruises for Families

Meanwhile, MSC Seaside stands out for providing the best kids' entertainment on cruises. MSC Cruises, in general, is also renowned for its family-friendly offerings because of its "Kids Sail Free" program, which allows children under 11 to cruise for free or at reduced rates. It demonstrates MSC's commitment to making family cruise vacations affordable. Recently, the MSC has been working intensively on improving family-oriented aspects such as water slides, water parks, and other facilities throughout its fleet.

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Therefore, MSC Seaside could be the best option for kids because it provides the family cruiser's desirable atmosphere. Choose MSC cruises for your family and sail through a life-long maritime adventure. Book your tickets at and make your family's vacation dream a reality by visiting exotic places, meeting new people, and enjoying exciting adventures at sea!

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