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5 Reasons to cruise from Cape Liberty, New Jersey

To add to your trip experience, emphasize the adventure of trying somewhere new? Here are the top 5 reasons to cruise from Cape Liberty, New Jersey.

By Cruise Booking Team

Book Cruises From Cape Liberty, New Jersey

Choosing the best port of departure for a cruise can be difficult. Some will advise you to choose one closest to your home to save money on travel cruise expenses. Others will emphasize the excitement of trying something new to add to your trip experience. The Cape Liberty Cruise Port in Bayonne, NJ, not only provides a simple and quiet place to cruise away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but its proximity to Manhattan also makes it an excellent location for sightseeing, shopping, and general tourist fun. We've compiled a list of the top 5 reasons to cruise from Cape Liberty, New Jersey, and why you should consider it for your next cruise.

5 Reasons to cruise from Cape Liberty, New Jersey

1. Excellent location

Cruising out of New Jersey has a lot to offer. You might be surprised at how much you like it. You will not be in New York City. However, the views of the city skyline are spectacular. And, if you're feeling adventurous, both Manhattan and Hoboken are just a short cab ride away. If you don't live in the area, you could easily spend some time as a tourist before your cruise. You could also enjoy the scenery. The New York City skyline isn't the only exciting sight you'll see as your cruise departs. You'll be able to sail directly past the Statue of Liberty. For some of us, it's even better than seeing them in person. It's massive, and the best way to appreciate its beauty is from a distance.

2. Convenient transport options

Cape Liberty is located in Bayonne, New Jersey, near Hoboken and New York City. It is well-known for having one of the best public transportation systems in the country. It makes it easy to get to the cruise port. Other cruise ports almost always require you to drive and find parking or use a ride-sharing service. Fortunately, Cape Liberty is an exception. You don't need to worry about renting a car, finding parking, or hailing an Uber if you live nearby or are flying in from elsewhere. The Light Rail System can take you directly to Bayonne from Jersey City or Hoboken. Take a cab to the cruise terminal from 34th Street. PATH trains can take you from Manhattan to Jersey City or Hoboken. You can also take the 119 Bus from New York's Port Authority Terminal to Bayonne. Several shuttle services can pick you up at the airport and take you directly to the cruise terminal. These will cost less per person than a cab, bus, or train for large groups (think five or more people).

3. Nearby restaurants

The restaurants near the cruise terminal are reasonably priced, and you can find some of the best Italian and Japanese food you'll ever eat here. The Little Food Cafe serves delicious breakfast and lunch. They also serve dinner, but their breakfast is what has made them famous. Remember to order dessert as well. If you want something more refined before you board your cruise, Buon Apetito serves fine-dining Italian cuisine. They also have a deli and a convenience store, so you should pick up a few things to take with you on the cruise. There is no such thing as too many snacks.

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4. Visit places nearby

Tourists who want to spend time shopping, dining, or sightseeing will find plenty to do in New Jersey and New York. We recommend spending an extra day or two before or after your cruise if your plan allows it. The Teardrop Memorial, right by Cape Liberty, was built to honor the 9/11 victims.

5. Take a tour of Bayonne, New Jersey

There are numerous ways to explore Bayonne, NJ, and one of the best is to take a tour. In addition, private walking tours, outdoor activities, and various other options are available.

The final word

The five reasons to cruise from Cape Liberty, New Jersey have been discussed. First, it is in a fantastic location that is both remote and accessible. There are three airports to choose from, plenty of inexpensive parking options, and more hotels than you ever want. In addition, Cape Liberty serves two of the most popular and best cruise lines and offers some amazing options to choose from. Finally, if you stay an extra couple of days, there are plenty of attractions, shopping, and restaurants to visit.

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