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4 Best Norwegian Cruise Line Tips

First-time cruisers may not realize they are not limited to just one appetizer, entrée, or dessert during dinner. Check out our cruising tips now!

By Cruise Booking Team

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Norwegian Cruise Line is one of the industry's leading cruise lines. With sailings worldwide, you're guaranteed to have an incredible time onboard, traveling across beautiful destinations.

However, for first-time travelers, having a little inside information can make your experience even more enjoyable.

Once you are on the ship, you'll finda wide variety of cuisines to choose from, various activities to take part in, and of course, the gateway to good times! However, each cruise line has its amenities and features that you must know.

4 Norwegian Cruise Line Tips You Should Know

1. NCL's Free at Sea Perks

Norwegian Cruise Line is well-known for its Free at Sea promotion. Passengers can choose up to five additional incentives to include in their cruise experience. The specialty meal package, shore excursions, Wi-Fi package, beverage package, complimentary travel, are just a few of the goodies.

Those sailing in suites will be able to choose from all of the amenities, while those in an interior cabin will have less options. Depending on the cost of upgrading, it can be worth contemplating an upgrade to  get more perks.

Bonus tip: Norwegian Cruise Line will upgrade your Free at Sea beverage package to the premium option at  a small extra charge.

2. Latitude Rewards

Before you plan a cruise , make sure you have joined Norwegian's Latitudes Reward program, which is the cruise line's loyalty club. Each cruise you take will earn you points, which you may use to get fantastic loyalty rewards in the future.

For each cruise night, you will typically get 1 point. Those who book The Haven or a suite for each cruise night will receive an additional point. In addition, those who book a Latitudes Rewards Inside Offer will earn an extra point for each night of their cruise journey.

It's a simple and free way to gain benefits while cruising. You can earn amazing deals for future voyages, savings onboard, and early access to announcements with just one cruise point.

3. Download the app

Before embarking on your NCL cruise, download Cruise Norweigan's official app. You can access shore excursions, onboard entertainment, specialty dining options, spa treatments, and more - all before you even step on the ship!

This app will also let you check in online to help you save time when arriving at the pier.

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4. Freestyle Dining

Freestyle Dining is one of the most appealing aspects of sailing with Norwegian Cruises. Norwegian Cruise Line was the first to offer this novel method to give cruisers more dining options.

You and your travel companions can eat whenever and wherever you want with Freestyle Dining if you book a Norwegian Cruise Line cruise

Final Thoughts

There are ample things you can do to make your experience with the Norwegian Cruise Line an unforgettable one. The above-mentioned tips can help you find the best option. So, relax and enjoy your next cruise with the Norwegian Cruise Line and book with

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