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Oceania Cruises
Oceania Cruises

Is Oceania Cruises all inclusive?

Discover the ultimate experience in luxury cruising with Oceania Cruises, an experience that includes everything from gourmet dining to top-tier entertainment.

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Oceania Cruises is a luxury cruise line known for its exceptional service, exquisite cuisine, and elegant ships. One question that many people have when considering an Oceania Cruise is whether or not the line is all-inclusive.

Is Oceania Cruises all-inclusive?

In this blog post, we will explore what is included in an Oceania Cruise and whether or not it can be considered an all-inclusive experience.


Oceania Cruises offers a range of staterooms and suites, from cozy inside cabins to luxurious Owner's Suites. All accommodations come equipped with plush bedding, high-quality linens, and a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable and relaxing experience. While the cost of accommodations is included in the cruise fare, certain room categories, such as the Owner's Suites, may come with additional fees.


One of the highlights of an Oceania Cruise is the exceptional cuisine. The line is known for its extensive menu of gourmet dishes, which are prepared using the freshest ingredients and served in elegant dining rooms. There are no surcharges for any of the dining options onboard, including the main dining room, specialty restaurants, and casual venues.


While most luxury cruise lines include beverages such as soda, coffee, and tea in the cruise fare, Oceania Cruises takes it a step further by offering a selection of complimentary alcoholic beverages. Wine and beer are included with lunch and dinner, and select cocktails and spirits are available throughout the day. However, premium wines and spirits are available for an additional fee.

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Activities and Entertainment

Oceania Cruises offers a range of activities and entertainment options onboard, including fitness classes, live music, and Broadway-style shows. The cost of these activities is included in the cruise fare, so guests can participate in as many activities as they like without worrying about additional fees.

Shore Excursions

Shore excursions are an important part of any cruise experience, and Oceania Cruises offers a range of options for guests to choose from. However, these excursions are not included in the cruise fare and must be booked separately. While this may seem like a downside, it allows guests to choose the excursions that best suit their interests and budget.


Another factor to consider when determining whether or not Oceania Cruises is all-inclusive is gratuities. Unlike many other cruise lines, Oceania Cruises includes gratuities in the cruise fare, so guests don't have to worry about additional tipping throughout the voyage.


Wi-Fi is an important part of staying connected while at sea, and Oceania Cruises offers a range of internet packages to suit guests' needs. While basic internet is available for free, faster and more extensive packages are available for an additional fee.


while Oceania Cruises is often regarded as a luxury cruise line, it is not necessarily all-inclusive. While many amenities such as fine dining, non-alcoholic beverages, and certain activities are included in the cost of your ticket, other amenities such as alcoholic beverages, spa treatments, and some excursions may come at an additional cost. It's important to review the details of your specific Oceania Cruises itinerary and consult with a travel advisor to ensure you fully understand what's included in your package and what additional costs you may incur. Overall, Oceania Cruises offers a fantastic cruising experience with plenty of options for customization and luxury, so be sure to consider all of your options and plan your dream vacation accordingly.

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