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What Is the Best Oceania Cruise Ship?

Discover the best Oceania cruise ships for an intimate & upscale experience. From gourmet dining to destination-focused seminars, find your perfect match for an unforgettable adventure.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Oceania cruises are known to be part of a specific niche within the cruising industry that offers upscale experiences at a more affordable price with a more compact setting. Their fleet features a total of 7 ships and offers a country club experience to its users. They've got a smaller fleet compared to the more well-known and larger names in the industry, but they do not cost as much. Although the fleet size is quite small, deciding which one suits you best can still become a hassle if you don't know what to look for. Don't worry; we've curated a list of all of these ships with the most top-rated and best Oceania cruise ship listed at the top.

Top 5 High Rated And Best Oceania Cruise Ships

All of the ships featured in the Oceania cruises are of great quality and offer the best amenities and itineraries to all passengers aboard while providing high-quality service. However, it can be a bit hard to decide which cruise ship exactly fits your needs and budget. Below, you'll find the list that features the names of the best Oceania cruise ships.

1. Oceania Vista

Oceania Vista is #1 on this list of the best Oceania cruise ships. Vista rightfully takes the place. One of the newest additions to their fleet, Oceania offers a spacious cruising experience, with enough space for 1200 passengers, along with 800 crew members, all available to help you out during your travels. It is the inaugural ship of their latest ‘Allura Class’ and offers unique and high-quality amenities onboard. You’ll find things like a culinary center, artist loft, library, pools, casinos, spa area, and even a fitness center! Another unique feature that sets Vista apart from others is its seminars held by guest lecturers that provide passengers with more information about the destinations that they’ll be visiting. 

Even the dining options aboard Vista are of premium quality, and the diverse cuisine options available for guests make it all the more appealing. You’ll find an American cuisine option called Ember, another one that serves Italian called Toscana, and even grilled delicacies that you can have by the pool at Waves Grill. Vista also offers a wide range of bars and lounges onboard for passengers to enjoy their drinks. You’ll be able to travel through the U.S., the Caribbean, Mexico, the Mediterranean, and various other cruise destinations.

2. Oceania Regatta

Number two on this list is Oceania Regatta, which has recently been redesigned to keep up with current industry standards and provide passengers with a better overall experience. Regatta features newly furnished staterooms with verandas and a wide range of cabin-size options (216 to 1,000 square feet). A new feature meant to accommodate guests of all kinds is the solo staterooms, which are meant for solo adventurers.

The size may be small, but the features provided in all rooms stay the same, providing everyone with consistent amenities such as minibars, flat-screen TVs, 24-hour room service, and even fully marble bathrooms. This ship features space for 640 passengers and 800 crew members to ensure that there is someone to assist you at all times. The ship’s theme follows a more adult idea and caters to an older and more wealthy crowd altogether. As for the destinations, Regatta takes you across places like Mexico, Asia, Australia, and more. All these features come together and help establish this ship as one of the best Oceania cruise ships.

3. Oceania Marina

Oceania Marina is the 3rd best Oceania cruise ship, providing enough space for 1,250 passengers and 800 staff members. It offers some specialized features to passengers onboard, such as an Aquamar Spa, casinos, and even an extensive library featuring 2,000+ books. You even get nightly live shows onboard, painting and sketching lessons, and cooking demos from trained professionals.

Seven different dining options are available onboard, ranging from Asian to American cuisine. Some specialty restaurants include Jacques, which features menus from the famous chef Jacques Pépin. Another mention is Red Ginger, which features only the best quality Asian cuisine to quench your hunger for authentic oriental food. Marina cruises through various sought-after destinations in the European and South American regions.

4. Oceania Riviera

The title for the 4th best Oceania cruise ship goes to Oceania Riviera, Marina’s sister ship. It holds the same passenger and crew capacity as the Marina, with space for 1,250 people and 800 staff members. It features large staterooms, ranging from rooms sized 420 to 2,000 square feet. These rooms have features such as minibars, full-size bathtubs, and high-quality flat-screen TVs, along with 24-hour butler services in all rooms. They have eight different dining options available that passengers can take full advantage of during their trip. They have restaurants like Jacques, Red Ginger, and various other delicious options. You’ll get a wide range of itineraries onboard this cruise ship, including the Middle Eastern region,  the Mediterranean region, Northern Europe, Asia, and more.

5. Oceania Sirena

Lastly, there is Oceania Sirena, which offers space for around 648 passengers and was revived under Oceania’s name after originally being released under Princess Cruise’s name. Sirena holds similar features and amenities to its sister ships and is the 5th best Oceania cruise ship. They have an Aquamar spa, a vitality center, and even some duty-free shopping boutiques onboard where passengers can buy trinkets and souvenirs.

As for the dining options, they feature a range of choices similar to the other ships in the fleet, such as Red Ginger and Tuscan Steak, which are part of the specialty options. You have four casual dining options as well that are paid for as part of the base cruise fare only. For entertainment and amenities, you can attend live musical shows and theater performances, too. Facilities like casinos are also available for fun and enjoyment. For the cabin categories, you get to choose from options such as Inside, Ocean View, Veranda, and Suite. As for the destination, Sirena sails across the Caribbean, the South American region, parts of Europe, and some unique transoceanic itineraries.

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Oceania Cruises offers its passengers high-quality, premium services at highly affordable prices. Choosing the best Oceania cruise ship from its fleet can be a difficult task, which is why this article lists the top five options to provide you with better insight. The next time you book a cruising vacation aboard the Oceania, choose to get the best deals in the market.

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