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If you want to explore the ports that a regular cruise ship will not take you to, then Oceania cruise ships are your go-to partner. Since 2002, the Oceania cruise line has served customers, offering them a unique experience they cannot find anywhere else.

With Oceania cruise ships, it is not at all about traversing through the sea and commuting between two destinations. It is the experience of cruising that sets this cruise line apart from the rest.

Rejuvenate yourself on board Oceania Cruise Ships

The Oceania Cruise adventure is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you need to try out. Once you look at the Oceania cruise ship reviews online, you will understand why this cruise line is preferred by so many. Travelers appreciate the staff for their warmth and the quality of service.

But how many ships are in the fleet? We are providing you with the entire Oceania cruise ship list. All the ships mentioned in this list are nothing, but luxury personified, ensuring you have a memorable journey.

Anyway, the Oceania cruise ship names are as follows:

The Vista will be a new addition and a marvel in the making. This small Oceania cruise ship will be capable of taking you to destinations that large cruises cannot. Hence, the variety in its itinerary is also something to appreciate. Additionally, most of the Oceania ships accommodate 600-plus passengers except the Riviera and Marina.

1. Oceania Cruise Ship Destinations

Oceania cruise ships broadly cover multiple destinations — Alaska, Canada, New England, British Isles, and Ireland, French Riviera, Greek Isles, Greenland, Iceland, Africa, Antarctica, Australia and New Zealand, Bermuda, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Guests can also reserve specially curated excursions to different ports for an enthralling travel experience.

2. Oceania Cruise Ship – Dining

The dining on an Oceania Cruise Ship is like no other. Moreover, the presence of the renowned chef Jacques Pépin as the culinary director of Oceania Cruises ensures the quality and variety of foods.

The restaurants atop the cruise have the best ingredients, which are converted into delectable culinary delights by some of the most talented international chefs whom Jacques himself selects. As a result, you get a five-star dining experience.

Enjoy authentic Northern Italian meals from Toscana. The classic steakhouse at Polo Grill serves some of the best and juiciest treats. The French bistro cuisine at Jacques is also something that will leave you craving for more. You can enjoy delightful dishes like roast duck, roast veal, and sea bass filet. There are multiple dining spaces all across the cruise.

3. Oceania Cruise Ship – Activities

Oceania passengers have multiple choices of activities onboard. You can play needlepoint, golf putting, do ballroom dance, enjoy bridge games, the spa, various demonstrations, hot baths, trivia, martini tastings, and poker tournaments.

4. Oceania Cruise Ship – Health and Fitness

Oceania offers several health and fitness services to its guests. It helps them to feel fresh and rejuvenated. They can take multiple fitness classes, do cardio-fitness exercises at state-of-the-art gyms, and perform Kinesis exercises routines on special exercise equipment with pulleys, Yoga, Pilates, and high-intensity interval training. So, you will certainly feel better when your cruise ends.

5. Oceania Cruise Ship – Amenities

You will get numerous amenities when you are sailing on any of the Oceania cruise ships. You can enjoy the Aquamar Spa and the vitality center, where you can have spa facilities, salon treatments, and plant-based vitality cuisine. The room service is complimentary. You will also enjoy the internet on board with Wi-Fi services.

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Oceania cruise ships invite all the explorers and travelers who wish to discover the world with a royal experience. At, you will find all the details of Oceania Cruises, starting from the packages to ports it will anchor, etc. So, go through all of them and find a trip that will fulfill all your requirements at the best possible price.

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