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Discover exotic, historical, and alluring destinations around the globe with Oceania Cruises. Oceania cruise line focuses on integrating each passenger fully into its destination, with longer itineraries, incredible extended overnight stays, and smaller ports of call. Get to know the people of Africa and their unique cultures. Cruises to the Caribbean or South Pacific are great for relaxing and soaking up the tropics. Visit the Mediterranean or Northern Europe and enrich your mind, body, and soul. Anything is possible when you cruise with Oceania Cruises. World of yours. Choose your own path.

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Trending Oceania Cruise Destinations

Oceania is known for its expertise in destination management. Because of their size, ranging from 684 to 1,250 pampered passengers, their ships often visit ports smaller ships cannot reach because the itineraries are carefully crafted to allow for in-depth exploration of each destination. Over 450 ports are visited worldwide on Oceania's world cruises, which range from 7 to 180 days. The Oceania cruise ships offer cruises to Alaska, the Caribbean, Eastern and Pacific U.S. and Canada, Mexico, the Transatlantic, the Panama Canal, Bermuda, Europe, South America, the Panama Canal, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Australia & New Zealand, Tahiti, the South Pacific, and South America.

1. Europe

Discover hidden secrets, stroll traditional markets, and live like a local aboard a cruise to Europe. There is no end to the destinations you can discover on a Europe cruise, from classic Mediterranean ports like Barcelona, Cinque Terre, and Kotor to the sun-splashed Greek Isles. Enjoy more overnight stays and extended evening visits at boutique ports that offer curated travel experiences. Oceania Cruises offers an exciting and enjoyable way to explore Europe's diverse cultures, fascinating history, and delicious cuisine.

2. Northern Fjords

These classic fjord landscapes were meant to be explored by sea - mountain peaks rising from the sea, fairytale villages, waterfalls tumbling down verdant cliffs. There is no bad view of the UNESCO-protected Geirangerfjord – soaring to heights over 5,000 feet. Another fjord stop will make you envious, while Stavanger's iconic 350-million-year-old Lysefjord is also a gorgeous attraction. The best fjords in the region are right at your fingertips when you cruise along the Northern Fjords.

3. Greenland & Iceland

During your cruise to Greenland & Iceland, discover magnificent fjords, scenic natural wonders, and outdoor adventure in these remote North Atlantic island nations. You can explore the famed Blue Lagoon in Iceland, the Golden Circle tour in Reykjavik, lava fields, volcanoes, glaciers, and much more while on an Iceland vacation. As the coasts of Greenland recede, impressive fjord systems, the colonial harbor of Nuuk, and the rich Inuit culture of Paamiut emerge.

4. The Tropics

Our tropical voyages provide abundant sunshine, vivid cultures, and a chance to unwind. Discover Aruba's best, including ancient Mayan ruins and sun-kissed beaches. The Amazon rainforest is an excellent place for trekking, or you can immerse yourself in the pulsating Rio de Janeiro. With majestic snow-capped peaks lining Chile's Fjords, even the dramatic Fjords are easily accessible. The Caribbean and South American cruises take you to the best of the Tropics, from island getaways to vibrant adventures in Brazil and Argentina.

5. The Exotics

These exotic cruises visit ports often inaccessible to larger ships, sailing to the far corners of the globe. They invite you to rediscover your wanderlust with journeys across Asia, Africa, and the South Pacific. Travel to Japan's ornate pagodas, visit Japan's samurai temples or visit Madagascar to encounter lemurs. The impossibly beautiful islands of French Polynesia, as well as visiting a Maori village in New Zealand, await you.

6. World Cruise

As you explore the world on these longer cruises, you can relish the luxury of time. Oceania offers Extended Journeys that focus on one region or multiple regions at once, depending on your appetite for discovery. With their Around the World Cruises, you'll sail with countless UNESCO sites, stunning world wonders, and many overnight ports.

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Oceania offers fascinating trips to exotic destinations, like Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, that offer a taste of the culture and history of the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and the Baltic States. You can visit Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Valparaiso, Barbados, Dominica, and St. Barts to experience the vibrant cultures of South America and the Caribbean. Getting more out of each destination is possible by staying overnight at many ports instead of only visiting them for a short time. To book your dream cruise with Oceania, contact us!

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