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Explore Oceania Cruise Departure Ports

Oceania Cruises combines luxury with exceptional value in a seamless manner. Oceania Cruises offer delicious cuisine, elegant accommodations, beautiful amenities, and extraordinary service catered to individual travel styles. Destination specialists are at the core of Oceania's business. Their ships visit several ports and depart from ports ranging from 684 to 1,250 pampered passengers, depending on the itineraries. Due to their size, most of the ports are not accessible by larger ships. Over 450 ports are visited by Oceania's ships on its 7 to 180-day World Cruises.

Join them on a sailing expedition and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Oceania Cruise Lines Departure Ports

Embark on an Oceania Cruises voyage around the globe in style. Oceania's ships sail on itineraries from a handful of ports worldwide. Hong Kong in China and Papeete in the South Pacific offer cruises. Athens, Copenhagen, London, and Venice are key European ports. Many of their Caribbean itineraries depart from Miami, which makes it a very popular itinerary. Get in touch with experts to learn more about Oceania Cruises. They will happily walk you through their itineraries and find you the perfect match.

Yokohama: Discover Yokohama, Japan's largest port city, where after more than 200 years of seclusion, trade was opened to foreigners for the first time.

Ushuaia: A unique combination of mountains and ocean creates a spectacular scenery in Ushuaia that is unparalleled by any other destination. Experience incredible outdoor adventures on a cruise to Ushuaia.

Seward: Your next Alaska cruise will be complete with a stop in the picturesque coastal town of Seward, which has many visitor attractions and scenic views.

Leith/Edinburgh: Find out about the fabulous Scottish capital of Edinburgh, home to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Alexander Graham Bell, as well as its exquisite natural background.

Belfast: There is something different about Belfast when compared to Dublin when it comes to Ireland. A beautiful city with a compelling history awaits you in this up-and-coming city.

Top 5 Oceania Departure Ports

Come aboard a luxury Oceania vessel and see what sets the experience apart! Oceania Cruises sails the world, and its departure ports are present around the globe, such as Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Auckland, Barcelona, Bangkok, Belfast, Bridgetown, Cartagena, Hamburg, Monte Carlo, Oslo, Port of Oranjestad, Seward, Trieste, Ushuaia to name a few and still, there are several other departure ports across the globe. To know some of the top departure ports, read here.

1. Oceania Cruises from Los Angeles, California

Mountains and the Pacific Ocean surround most of Los Angeles, which lies in a relatively flat basin. It is possible to navigate the metropolitan area easily, despite being split by the Santa Monica Mountains, one of LA's most unheralded natural treasures. There are many places to visit in the area, including Hollywood, Mid-Wilshire, Wilshire Boulevard, the Art Deco district with the Miracle Mile and excellent museums, and Santa Monica and Venice, where the former has a remodelled pier, and an outdoor mall and the latter has Muscle Beach and a boardwalk along the ocean. The Rose Parade and Bowl are always famous in Old Pasadena, where many city heritage and skyscrapers exist. Long Beach, the regions second-biggest city, and Malibu, where movie stars and celebrities can be seen.

Best Time to Visit: March to May and September to November

2. Oceania Cruises from Miami, Florida

Located in a great climate, it's perfect all year round for vacations. It has top attractions, professional sports teams, art, history, museums, nature parks, and more. Coconut Grove, Miami Beach, and South Beach are some of Miami's local activities & attractions. We have amusement parks, deep-sea fishing, boat rides, sightseeing, fine dining, professional football, dolphin watching, and marine museums. It is possible to entertain oneself and one family for hours, days, or weeks without traveling more than a few minutes away. The evening entertainment includes jazz clubs, discos, shows, concerts, operas, symphonies, theatre, and more. The Beach is a must-see when you're in Miami.

Best Time to Visit: Mid-February to May

3. Oceania Cruises from Seattle, Washington

With the surrounding Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges, Seattle is situated on Puget Sound. The city skyline is impressive, with 100-year-old structures standing alongside shimmering glass high-rises. During the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897 and 1898, 100,000 people passed through the Northwest on their quest for wealth in Alaska, making this beautiful port city their home. Enjoy the vibrant jazz nightlife in Pioneer Square, where the city first took root at the turn of the century. Visit the Klondike Gold Rush Museum or the Space Needle by day.

Best Time to Visit: May to June and September to October

4. Oceania Cruises from Vancouver, BC

Natural beauty surrounds Vancouver, a thriving metropolis. Vancouver offers parks, beaches, gardens, museums, art galleries, and the second-largest Chinatown in North America. Stanley Park offers a spectacular view of the zoo, aquarium, totem poles, and honking geese in a city filled with modern buildings and green hillsides. Robson Street is the town's best place for window shopping, just steps from the park. It is lined with European-style shops, delicatessens, and tearooms. This historic square features an old courthouse housing the Vancouver Art Gallery and a central plaza with a food fair.

Best Time to Visit: March to May and from September to November

5. Oceania Cruises from Darwin

Discover Darwin's thriving outdoor festivals and markets and soak up the balmy weather. Discover the region's dramatic history in museums and galleries - from air raids during World War II to Cyclone Tracey. Cruise Darwin Harbour at sunset, and visit monsoon forests and crocodiles. Visit the colorful communities of the Tiwi Islands and swim in crystal-clear waterholes at Litchfield National Park. Something is exciting about this lively, tropical capital.

Best Time to Visit: May to October

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