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What Is the Cost of the Diamond Princess Cruise?

Embark on your dream cruise with Diamond Princess. Find out the cost from Yokohama to Melbourne. Plan and budget for an exceptional and worry-free maritime journey.

By Cruise Booking Team

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In luxury cruising, the Diamond Princess is one of the crown jewels in the cruise line operated by Princess Cruises. As we explore the intricacies of its cost, let's delve into why this cruise is an invitation to an extraordinary experience. Princess Cruises' Diamond Princess combines luxury with adventure to deliver an incredible journey through life's monotony.

Understanding the Diamond Princess Cruise

The Diamond Princess is the epitome of elegance and adventure, a flagship within the Princess Cruises fleet. This floating haven accommodates over 2,600 passengers and features state-of-the-art facilities. Diamond Princess Cruise prices start at an astonishingly reasonable $142 per person on this cruise. As soon as guests board the Diamond Princess, this ship promises to take them away into another world – featuring gourmet food and fascinating entertainment.

Destinations and Itineraries

The itinerary for the Diamond Princess is expertly arranged to ensure that cruisers get more than just a shipboard experience. Passengers can choose from a diverse array of destinations. Each port of call is a gateway to unique experiences, ensuring that the cruise is a voyage of discovery.

Home Ports

The Diamond Princess departs from several home ports to allow passengers to board at different starting locations. These home ports include:

Accommodation Options

At the heart of the Diamond Princess experience is the accommodation, where passengers find solace and comfort amidst the vastness of the sea. These include a variety of cabins and suites to accommodate different tastes and wallet sizes.

Amenities Onboard

The Princess Cruises Diamond Princess isn't just a cruise but a floating paradise of facilities and experience. Its diversified services cater to passengers of all ages and interests.

Dining options are a culinary journey, with multiple venues offering diverse cuisines. From mouth-watering delicacies in the main dining room to specialized dining options, these facilities elevate one’s dining experience.

On the Diamond Princess, entertainment takes center stage. The nights are alive with Broadway-style shows in the theaters, live performances, and theme-based parties. The ship provides relaxing spa treatments, fitness classes, and various recreational activities such as pools, sports courts, and a virtual golf simulator.

Role of Gratuities in Determining the Overall Cost

To simplify the passenger tipping process, daily gratuities are automatically credited to your onboard account at the discretion of Princess Cruises. The daily gratuity is $16.50 per person for suites, $15.50 per person for mini-suites and club-class rooms, and $14.50 per person for inside, ocean view, and balcony staterooms. This tip is shared among all waiters, cabin stewards, buffet stewards, housekeeping staff throughout the fleet, and others who contribute to your cruise experience. Additionally, an 18% gratuity is added to bar charges and wine bills in the dining room.

Other Factors Influencing Cost

Understanding the factors that influence the cost of a Diamond Princess cruise is crucial for passengers seeking the best value. Early bookings often come with lower prices, rewarding those who plan ahead. Last-minute cruise deals may present attractive discounts, though choices may be limited.

Also, seasonal changes have their effect, with high fares being applied for peak travel time as well as particular locations. With special offers, discounts, and package inclusion, one can be assured of minimizing the money spent on cruising.

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The Princess Cruises Diamond Princess is definitely an exceptional episode in the big cruising story for those seeking a life-changing experience. The ship also promises the most luxurious journey possible, with multiple destinations and a range of activities covering most tastes.

As you embark on the contemplation of your next nautical adventure, consider the Diamond Princess not just as a means of travel but as an immersive experience. It is a symphony of luxury, adventure, and discovery on the high seas. Ready for your next unforgettable cruise that is more than just amazing? Visit to get the best deals.

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