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What Is Special about Symphony of the Seas?

Explore the unique attractions and amenities offered on Symphony of the Seas that set it apart from other existing cruises.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Symphony of the Seas is a ship under Royal Caribbean and is also one of the largest existing cruise ships in operation, under one of Royal’s premium class fleets. This ship is a part of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis class, and it is the fourth ship in this class.

Royal Caribbean is known to have some of the largest ships, and Symphony of the Seas does not fall behind on that image, as the ship measures about 1,188 feet, with a gross tonnage of 228,081. A total of 5,518 passengers can board this ship, with approximately 2,200 crew members available to assist them. This ship has been in operation for a few years now and is one of the most impressive ships to date. The question that arises now is exactly what makes Symphony of the Seas so special. This article is going to help you understand just that, as we will be detailing all of the things that make this ship special.

Unveiling the Features: What Makes Symphony of the Seas Special?

Symphony of the Seas is one of the largest cruise ships, with a lot of space available and many new additions compared to its sister ships under Royal Caribbean. Below, you’ll find some amazing things about this ship that set it apart from others and make traveling on Symphony of the Seas a unique experience for anyone.

1. Broadway Music Shows and Original Stage Productions

Featuring the famous Broadway musical ‘Hairspray’ and even an original musical production of ‘Flights’ will be playing in the high-class Royal Theatre. These musicals are only a part of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis class and are not the only attraction playing in the theater. Acrobatic performances and performances using only the highest quality tech are all available to keep you entertained on your trip.

2. A Reimagined Sports Bar

Called Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade, this sports bar is a new and exciting addition to Royal Caribbean’s ship. This bar is unique in the sense that it features approximately 30+ TVs that show games like football, basketball, soccer, and many sports games. There are also some cool games for passengers, like Skeeball and Ms. Pac-Man, that passengers can play. This bar is also the perfect spot if you wish to have some good old beer with a side of fried chicken with your friends. A sports lovers’ paradise, this bar is bound to be one of the most sought-after additions to the ship.

3. Thrilling Rides and Fun Activities

Royal Caribbean has always been a place for all age groups, may it be couples or large family groups. There is something to do for everyone. One of the most amazing additions that you’ll find on Symphony of the Seas is the ice rink. While on its own, it might not sound like anything new, this rink can also be used as a laser tag arena. That’s right, you can gather your friends and family, form teams, and easily play laser tag matches aboard the Symphony.

This ship also has all of the major activities and rides that Royal Caribbean is known for, such as their trademarked FlowRider surf simulator, Perfect Storm water slides, active dance classes, and even card games. Royal Caribbean does not fall short when it comes to entertainment on the Symphony of the Seas Cruise Ship. There are also four pools, and one of the pools follows a beach theme and even has a rock climbing wall. It also features a sports pool and also an area sectioned off only for kids. Now, if you wish to experience a laid-back evening, there is also an adults-only bar and lounge aboard the Symphony that can be the perfect getaway after a full day of fun.

4. Some New and Exciting Dining Options

Symphony of the Seas Cruise Ship dining has a lot of interesting options available onboard to provide passengers with a larger and more diverse variety of options. One such option is this new candy and bakery shop that has been opened on Symphony’s new Boardwalk addition. Called the Sugar Beach Candy & Ice Cream, this place is bound to get you feeling all nostalgic and make you remember your childhood. Filled to the brim with sweet treats, this option is surely a must-visit. Not only that, but this confectionary also offers passengers a chance to learn how to decorate cupcakes and how to make candy with several different classes.

If you’re craving some good old Mexican cuisine while on board, Royal Caribbean has added a new dining option called El Loco Fresh at Symphony. This option promises fresh tacos, salsas, and any other dish you can find in the cuisine. Hooked Seafood is another addition providing high-quality seafood with a raw bar facility. Symphony features around 14 specialty restaurants that offer Asian, Italian, and American cuisine.

5. Premium Suites and VIP Facilities

There are various classes available, even with cabins, so you’ll find something that suits your requirements and budget. From simple windowless cabins to VIP suites featuring balconies and a refreshing view of the sea, there are a lot of options available. The Royal Suite class is the most premium option and features personalized perks that are bound to make your cruising experience special. Another new addition is the Family Suite, which provides passengers with a slide for the kids that connects the second-story bedroom with the ground-floor living space. It also features a private movie theater with popcorn machines, air hockey tables, and even a full-length LEGO wall!

If you're looking for a more budget-friendly but equally fun option, there are virtual balconies, no balconies, indoor balconies, and ocean-view balcony staterooms available. Each stateroom has its own set of perks that can be catered to your needs. The indoor balcony stateroom features a view of the newly established Boardwalk and also has a lounge chair and table on the balcony for relaxation.

6. Only the Latest Technology

Symphony features only the latest technology to ensure that your time with the cruise, from booking the trip to embarking on the ship and up until the end of your vacation, all happen seamlessly. Royal has introduced an application that can easily be installed on your phone, and all you need to do is create your profile and fill out all of the check-in details as per requirements. Rest can be left upon the facial recognition system available onboard to make your check-in seamless and quick.

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Symphony of the Seas prioritizes passengers and provides only the best facilities onboard. If you wish to have the ultimate cruising experience, this is a must-visit. With thrilling rides, some amazing activities, casual lounges, and pools for those relaxing evenings, your time aboard this cruise will be amazing. Hopefully, this article helps you understand why Symphony of the Seas is unique. The next time you wish to book a cruise for your vacation, don’t forget to use!

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