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Star Princess Vs. Sun Princess: What's the Difference?

Learn more about the unique features of Star Princess and Sun Princess cruises and what sets them apart from one another.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Star Princess Cruise and Sun Princess Cruise both are sister ships and part of the same fleet operating under The Princess Cruises. Princess Cruises is known as one of the largest operating cruise ships in the North American region, but also one of the most extravagant fleets as well.

Princess Cruises operates on a segregation system of ‘classes’ for their fleet. Mostly, the difference between these classes lies in the size of the ships as well as certain amenities, packages, and activities that are offered on board.

These classes include the Sphere class, Royal class, Grand class, and the Coral class. Star Princess and Sun Princess are part of the largest and highest-class available fleets under the Princess cruises, under the Sphere class. Sphere class is the latest class addition under Princess Cruises’ operations and has been formulated with the idea of providing a grand and extravagant experience. Due to being part of the same class, these two sister ships offer a lot of similar amenities and services to their passengers in many spaces, though these two are still unique in their place.

All these similarities are bound to confuse you about the difference between the two cruises. Don’t worry, though; we’ll help provide you with an extensive list of factors that can help you understand the differences between both cruises and help you make suitable decisions for your future bookings.

Differences between Star Princess Vs. Sun Princess Cruise

There are a lot of factors that can be taken into account to understand the difference between the two major cruise lines. Listed below are some of the major factors that can help you understand the overall difference between these two cruises properly:

Star Princess Vs. Sun Princess
Photo Courtesy: Princess Cruises

1. Ship Size and Style:

Both the cruises, being part of the same class, have the same ship size. Both Star Princess and Sun Princess measure a total of 1,133 feet long and 126 feet wide, with a gross tonnage of 175,500 tons. This site can be established in simpler terms, as both the ships roughly measure the same length as the size of the 3.1 average football fields put together. The interiors are similar in both ships, though with Star Princess being the latest addition to the Princess fleets, there are bound to be certain differences between the two. There are also a total of 21 passenger decks available on both ships for passengers to use.

2. Passenger Capacity:

Both cruise ships have the same passenger capacity of 4,300 people at a time in 2,150 guest cabins that are available at double occupancy. At one point in time, a total of 4,300 passengers can travel and enjoy their cruise adventure aboard Star Princess and Sun Princess. The cruises also allot a total of 1,592 cabin crew members who are available to provide services and assist the passengers if the need arises.

3. Available Cuisine and Restaurants Onboard the Cruise:

The Star Princess features some amazing specialty food options, including World Fresh Marketplace, Buffett, Garden or Mezzanine Cafe, Alfredo's Pizzeria, and many more. A total of 19 different dining varieties are made available for the passengers. Among them, 8 options are either billed as part of the cruise fare or are provided as a complimentary addition. The rest of the 11 choices are charged with an extra fee.

The Sun Princess features a similar dining experience, with some of the most popular options being  The Catch by Rudi, Crown Grill, and Main Dining Room. Even with this cruise, 8 of the provided dining options are either already billed in with the cruise fair or are provided as complimentary features to the guests. The only main difference between the two is that the Sun Princess features 20 varieties, out of which 12 can be experienced at an additional fee. The cuisine theme is pretty much the same on both cruises, such as Japanese, Irish, Italian, Chinese, and many more!

Both cruises, in terms of beverages, offer Coca-Cola brand products on board. Some lounges and bars serve different types of alcohol on the cruise ships, though these are available at an additional cost for consumption.

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4. Activities and Events:

Sun Princess features various types of activities, events, and specialized areas for the passengers on board. This cruise features special areas for adults only. They provide afternoon teas, art auctions, fitness centers and gyms, jogging areas, rope activity courses, spas, and even a sports court!

Star Princess, on the other hand, has some simpler options available for passengers, such as Casinos, poolside movie facilities, an open deck area, and an entertainment venue called ‘The Dome.’ 

5. Hot Tub and Pool Facilities Onboard:

Pools and hot tub facilities seem to be the star of every cruising experience, and both Star and Sun definitely do not fall short on this end, either. Both ships are equipped with a total of five pools and eleven hot tubs. One of each of these is also available on an exclusive access basis, meaning a more privatized and secluded access.

6. Destinations:

Star Princess cruises and Sun Princess cruises both follow a similar itinerary about destinations. Both ships majorly provide cruising in the Mediterranean as well as the Caribbean regions of the world.

7. Overall Costs of the Cruises:

As part of the Sphere class, Sun and Star are both premium ships, and the costs for both cruises can range anywhere from 150 dollars to 400 dollars per person per night. This all depends on the cabin class that you choose to book as well as the extra amenities that you might pay for during your stay. Normally, a person can spend about 25% to 40% of the total cruise fare throughout your stay, though this percentage is also dependent on you and your personal preferences. The gratuities usually fall around 16 dollars per person per night. Drinks, alcohol, and internet packages are all additional costs that vary from cruise to cruise and are dependent on what kind of drink you order.

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To conclude, both Star Princess and Sun Princess are truly remarkable sister ships that, if chosen for your next vacation travel, are bound only to make your experience amazing and worthwhile. Princess Cruises is known to prioritize experience and provide only the highest quality of services to its passengers, and these two are bound to keep this promise. The next time you go to book a package at Star Princess, Sun Princess, or any other cruise line, don’t forget to do it through!

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