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What is special about the Adventure of the Seas Cruise?

Explore the Adventure of the Seas and unlock a world of excitement and relaxation! Know more about various activities for all ages and tastes.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Embarking on a cruise with the Royal Caribbean is like stepping into a realm where excitement meets relaxation, where adventure intertwines with leisure. The Adventure of the Seas stands out among the Royal Caribbean's esteemed fleet. It's a vessel where every moment is tailored to cater to your unique vacation and aspirations related to it. Let's delve into the allure of the Adventure of the Seas and uncover what makes it an exceptional choice for your next seafaring journey.

List of Special Features aboard the Adventure of the Seas Cruise

From heart-pounding adventures to tranquil moments of bliss, the Adventure of the Seas promises an array of experiences to suit every traveler's fancy. Here's why this majestic vessel deserves a spot on your bucket list:

1. FlowRider Surf Simulator

The FlowRider Surf Simulator, introduced by Royal Caribbean, completely changed how people vacationed. This exciting onboard feature lets visitors try their hand at riding waves like pros. The cruise has a simulator that funnels 30,000 gallons of rushing water all day. You can get skilled at surfing by standing up or hitting the consistently great waves on your belly, boogie-style. Cruise passengers can enjoy this free ride, and children are welcome to participate if they meet the height restriction.

2. The “Perfect Storm” Water Slides

The “Perfect Storm” is an exciting water slide full of twisting, swirling, white-knuckle slides at the Adventure of the Seas that is sure to challenge the bravest daredevils. “Typhoon” and “Cyclone,” two dual races on the Adventure of the Seas' “Perfect Storm,” send riders speeding down the long and open stretches, as well as plenty of hairpin curves and lightning-quick drops. Cruise passengers can ride for as long as they like for free, provided they are 48 inches tall or taller.

3. Splashaway Bay

Little adventurers may still have a lot of fun at “Splashaway Bay,” an aqua park made for cruisers under the height requirement. With its vibrant mini-water slides, interactive fountains and water cannons, splash-worthy pools and whirlpools, and a large drench bucket that serves as the ideal photo opportunity, it fulfills all the requirements for next-level play.

4. Rock Climbing Wall and the Sports Court

The “Rock Climbing Wall,” another iconic attraction from the Royal Caribbean, is a great place for anyone trying to keep healthy while on vacation. It offers 40 vertical feet of fun and some of the best views of the surrounding scenery. In addition, you may practice your three-point shot on the “Sports Court,” play a game of courtside one-on-one with a partner, or participate in an impromptu volleyball match while taking in the breathtaking sea views. The “Sports Court” and the “Rock Climbing Wall” are free for cruise guests. There's no need to make a reservation. 

5. The Ice-Skating Rink

The ship's “Ice-skating Rink” is a fun place to be, no matter where your cruise journey takes you. Anyone is welcome to lace up and work on their spins during the day. You're going to have a blast at one of the ship's coolest free attractions, regardless of your skill level.

6. Soak up the Vacation Vibes at the “Solarium”

The “Solarium,” an adults-only retreat with steaming whirlpools and lots of space to relax in the shade or the sun, is the perfect spot for anyone wanting a carefree day by the pool. The views through the crystal canopy are especially lovely at sunset, and the atmosphere is serene. Stop by the bar and enjoy a little "me" time while sipping your favorite vacation cocktails.

7. Onboard Wine Tasting

Throughout its voyages, Adventure of the Seas hosts pop-up wine-tasting sessions where guests may discover everything there is to know about various vineyards, varietals, and the entire winemaking process. You can find some of the most premium wines served during these bottle-swirling gatherings onboard Royal Caribbean. There is always something for every palette, from mouthwatering merlots and superb malbecs to enticing California cabs and sparkling shirazes.

8. Movie Night under the Stars

For a schedule of the movie nights that are available during your Adventure of the Seas voyage, check your cruise planner. Movie nights are ideal for movie lovers or anyone who wants a little nostalgia to brighten their evening. Snuggle up under the stars with a fluffy beach towel and a chaise lounger while recent blockbusters and vintage films illuminate the enormous screen over the main pool.

9. Salsa Nights and Singalongs

Boleros is the best option for anybody looking to dance late into the night. Long after the sun sets, the salsa beats and mojitos continue to flow in the ship's vibrant Latin-themed lounge. As the evening progresses, expect to hear a lot of Cumbia, Bachata, and merengue from the DJ.  Go to Schooner Bar, where a cool pint and a fun sing-along always await you.

10. Show-Stopping Entertainment Evenings

Visit the Royal Theatre for an invitation-only showcase featuring Latin and ballroom dance, theater, and costumes that will make you think of dancing with the stars. In addition, get comfortable and enjoy Jackpot, a captivating musical spectacle in Las Vegas with renowned musicians, exceptional vocalists, and exceptionally skilled artists.

11. Culinary Delights

Although you can choose to eat at specialty restaurants a la carte, purchasing a specialty dining package is the best way to try several cuisines. Check out Izumi, a beloved Asian-inspired restaurant with creative sushi rolls, izakaya-style appetizers, and delicious teppanyaki dishes. Try Giovanni's table for a real Italian lunch; the hearty pasta, decadent sauces, and classic dishes will take you back to the Tuscan countryside. Book a table at Chops Grille if you're in the mood for perfectly seasoned and grilled top cuts of steak. Additionally, be sure to set off at least one evening for dinner in the main dining room, where sumptuous multi-course dinners are served for free.

12. Family-Friendly Fun

The Adventure of the Seas is a parent’s paradise with several activities specifically designed to make its guests — young and old alike, happy. On board, the game zones are interactive, and with family events, there is no dull moment. Families don’t have to worry about their kids because they get busy in the supervised youth programs or play areas designed for little ones.

13. Relaxation and Wellness

While it is full of thrill and excitement, the Adventure of the Seas provides facilities that help you relax and re-energize. Book your favorite treatments or participate in yoga sessions if you love spas. Alternatively, go for a chilled drink at the poolside, or just relax on comfortable chairs and lounges.

14. Educational Enrichment

For academic enthusiasts, adventurous yet enriching courses and activities await them at the Adventure of Seas. The guests can enjoy culinary workshops, aiming to develop new skills and choose a way to broaden their horizons onboard. Delve into thought-provoking lectures, practical workshops, and participatory activities that cultivate interest.

15. Destination Exploration

Although the Adventure of Seas in itself is a site to visit, it also provides access to some of the world’s most fascinating destinations. Visit colorful ports of call, encounter different cultures, and experience guided and exhilarating shore excursions.

16. Personalized Service

A key component of the adventure of the experience of the sea is the Royal Caribbean's constant commitment to providing outstanding service. The committed staff of the ship will extend a warm welcome to you from the minute you board. The staff on board the Adventure of the Seas go above and beyond to ensure every guest's needs are satisfied with care and attention to detail.

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More than just a cruise ship, the Adventure of the Seas is a floating paradise of exploration, leisure, and unmatched experiences. Every feature of the ship, from amazing thrills to top-notch entertainment, is intended to make experiences that will last a lifetime. Explore global culinary delicacies from restaurants that will satisfy any craving. Book your cruise on and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

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