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What Are Royal Caribbean's Biggest Ships?

Embark on a voyage with Royal Caribbean's largest cruise ship, blending innovation and comfort. Experience the pinnacle of cruising on these majestic floating resorts.

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Royal Caribbean embodies luxury, newness, and pushing the limits of cruising. Some of the major factors responsible for this fame include having a flotilla of giant ships controlling the sea. This expedition will take us into the largest vessels of the Royal Caribbean, where we shall be in awe at the engineering wonders and lavish encounters that they provide.

List of Top Royal Caribbean's Biggest Ships

1. Icon of the Seas: Redefining Cruising

Icon of the Seas Cruise Ship
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International

Icon of the Seas is a remarkable addition to Royal Caribbean's fleet, solidifying its position as one of the world's leading cruise lines. Icon of the Seas, the largest ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet, offers an astounding collection of amenities and services that redefine the cruising experience. This marvel of nautical engineering, with a gross tonnage greater than any of its predecessors, can accommodate a large number of people while providing an unequaled degree of luxury and entertainment on the high seas.

The ship's design exemplifies modern innovation with cutting-edge technology and architectural excellence. The Icon of the Seas is a floating metropolis with many decks dedicated to different activities, food options, and entertainment locations. Passengers can enjoy world-class eating experiences, ranging from luxury restaurants to casual cafes that appeal to a wide variety of gastronomic preferences. The ship's entertainment options are equally impressive, with Broadway-caliber musicals, live music, and themed events ensuring that there is never a dull moment on board.

Icon of the Seas prioritizes sustainability and environmental conscience over glamour and luxury. Royal Caribbean exhibits its dedication to responsible cruising by using innovative energy-efficient equipment and eco-friendly practices. The ship not only raises the bar for luxury and entertainment, but it also serves as a model for environmentally conscientious travel in the future. Icon of the Seas represents Royal Caribbean's mission to push the frontiers of what is possible in the world of cruising, providing guests with a memorable experience packed with elegance, excitement, and a commitment to a greener future.

2. Symphony of the Seas: A Symphony of Superlatives

Symphony of the Seas Cruise Ship

Symphony of the Seas is a part of Royal Caribbean’s fleet and is known as the biggest cruise ship in the world. This gigantic ship was rolled out in 2018 with a length of 1,188 feet, which can accommodate more than 6,600 persons. However, it is not the only parameter whereby Symphony of the Seas differs.

This ship is a floating city of luxury with an assortment of different characteristics. There is a recreated amusement park called Boardwalk that has a handmade merry-go-round and more than twenty thousand plants in Central Park. Ultimate Abyss is the highest slide at sea, and daredevils can tackle it. They also can dive into the 10-storey drop called Perfect Storm.

The dining options are as diverse as the destinations it covers, with lots of international cuisines. The cuisine can range from the imaginative “Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine” to the classical Italian food at Jamie’s Italian restaurant on board a symphony of Seas.

3. Harmony of the Seas: A Symphony's Stately Sibling

Harmony of the Seas Cruise Ship

Harmony of the Seas, also the siblingship of Symphony, is equally spectacular. It used to be the biggest in the world until Symphony replaced it. Harmony debuted in 2016, and it has some of the innovative characteristics inherent in its elder sibling -

for example, the Ultimate Abyss slide, the bar with robots who prepare your drink, and the breathtaking AquaTheater. The ship has seven different neighborhoods, including Royal Promenade and Central Park, to offer unique experiences to its guests.

The ship’s zip line and water slide, Perfect Storm, allow adventurers to put their courage to the test. On the other hand, those who wish to relax can visit the Vitality Spa or dine in one of the specialty restaurants onboard.

4. Oasis of the Seas: Pioneering Excellence

Oasis of the Seas Cruise Ship

The Oasis of the Seas symbolizes innovation and excellence since it was the first cruise ship to introduce the “neighborhood” concept. In 2009, Oasis was launched as the first cruise with seven different neighborhoods featuring diverse themes and atmospheres.

A trip down memory lane with the Boardwalk has been fashioned to resemble a vintage seaside amusement arcade complete with a handmade merry-go-round and traditional arcade games. Central Park offers serenity in a calm environment, with green belts and high-end restaurants. The first zip line at sea was also seen on Oasis of the Seas, allowing a dose of adrenaline for thrill-seekers high up on the deck.

Oasis of the Seas, with its more than 5,400 passenger capacity, is an entire floating city for fun, eating, and relaxing. The ship has been updated as part of ongoing renovations geared towards maintaining its status as one of the best cruises on offer.

5. Allure of the Seas: Alluring Adventures Afloat

Allure of the Seas Cruise Ship

Oasis’s sistership, Allure of the Seas, reflects on the same promise of innovation and service excellence. Established in 2010, Allure pushes neighborhood-based cruising to new levels. Ship’s seven neighborhoods involve the lively Royal Promenade, calm central park, and vibrant entertainment place.

The AquaTheater, located on the Allure of the Seas, is where amazing water-based performances take place amidst an open-air amphitheater setting. The other innovations include Rising Tide Bar, which floats between 3 decks of the ship and allows guests to have great drinks together. The wide spectrum of activities that Allure provides ranges from Broadway-caliber shows to high-flying zip line rides that suit every taste.

The dining experience on Allure is an absolute pleasure that includes exquisite cuisine and specialized restaurants such as 150 Central Park. Still charming thousands of cruisers and one of the world’s largest ships, Allure of the Seas surpasses its capacity of over 5,400 passengers.

6. Independence of the Seas: A Bold and Independent Spirit

Independence of the Seas Cruise Ship

Although it is not the largest ship in the fleet, the Independence of The Seas distinguishes itself by its daring spirit and promise of an unforgettable cruising experience. The freedom-class ship was launched in 2008, but a complete overhaul took place in 2018 to incorporate new additions and renew the older ones.

Perhaps one of the best attractions of Independence of the Seas is Sky Pad — it is a virtual reality/bungee trampoline experience that offers some level of excitement/future-oriented flavor in its entertainment options. Another incredible feature on the ship is called the Perfect Storm water slides, which provide high-speed aqua adventures for fun and risk-loving guests.

The Independence of Seas designs the Adventure Ocean Youth program for families, while Carnival designs the interactive Splashaway Bay water park. In accordance with this, Independence offers a wide variety of dining options, which include the famous Izumi Hibachi and sushi that cater to every taste bud.

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What Do Royal Caribbean's Ships Offer?

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Finally, Royal Caribbean’s largest ships are not only floating cities but also magnificent works of engineering, innovation, and luxury. Each ship provides its mix of fun, dining, and relaxation options, ranging from the record-setting Symphony of the Seas to the trailblazing Oasis of the Seas. The setting of the sea of these massive vessels revolutionizes the definition of what a cruise holiday is all about, thereby leaving behind lasting impressions of grandeur for travelers.

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