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Special Firefighter Discounted Cruise Deals

Firefighter Discounted Cruise Deals

Firefighter cruise discounts allow our brave heroes to unwind and recharge on the high seas because they also need leisure time. These discounts are a token of appreciation for their selflessness. However, these discounted rates are only available for active and retired firefighters. So you can use these discounts if you want to go on a Caribbean adventure, an expedition in the Alaskan range, or even a voyage towards the Mediterranean.

firefighters cruise discounts
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Which cruise lines offer firefighters discounts?

Several cruise lines appreciate the service of firefighters. So they provide special discounts to them. So, if you’re a firefighter and book a cruise with, you will get an additional discount. But before that, check out these cruise lines who offers you the value.

What do you need to know?

You must have an active or retired card to qualify for the firefighters discount. It will give you some additional value in your stateroom. Along with that, the person who is staying with you in that stateroom is also qualified for that discount. No other person, such as a spouse, in-laws, parents, kids, or any other friend or relative, is eligible for the discount if the qualified person does not occupy them.

FAQs for Firefighters Cruise Discounts

Yes, several cruise lines offer a good number of discounts to them. The deals extend beyond active and retired personnel.

Royal Caribbean offers special discounts to police and firefighters on selected sailings and ships.

When booking, you can provide the official ID or badge photo and other documents, such as your driver's license or passport. Also, you need to bring those documents during your cruise trip.

You can only book one room with one qualified person.

Only those people with active or retired service badges in the United States and Canada.

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