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Cruise Ships in The Middle East

Middle East Cruise Ships

The Middle East is a large geopolitical region which includes the Arabian Peninsula and Bahrain, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, the Levant, Iraq, and the Socotra Archipelago. This region attracts cruise ships throughout the year with multiple cruise lines. Keep reading this information to get a comprehensive idea of cruise ships to the Middle East. 

The Middle East cruises has numerous cruise lines for travellers. Some popular ones are Arabian Gulf and Jordan via the Suez Canal. These cruise ships usually travel to Mediterranean ports from Dubai or Abu Dhabi. 

There is a wide range of options for cruise ships to Middle East. Tourists are attracted to these countries from across the globe, as the Middle Eastern countries have an exotic aura with historical and archaeological properties. 

Trending Cruise Ships to the Middle East

While selecting cruise ships in the Middle East, proper research might be necessary. December-March is considered the best time to cruise to these Middle East. Among others, the following cruise ships have received good reviews from customers travelling to Middle Eastern countries. 

1. Costa Fortuna Cruise

Costa Fortuna Cruise
Photo Courtesy: Costa Cruises

One of Costa’s newest additions is the Costa Fortuna Cruise to the Middle East. It has a passenger occupancy of 2,702. Its itinerary starts from Barcelona and sails across ports to reach the Mediterranean Sea. There are various activities for entertainment here, including theatrical productions, a dancing venue, the Classico Roma 1926 Bar, the Neptunia 1932 Casino and the Vulcania 1927 Disco. Apart from that, there are pools, diners and fitness facilities. 

2. Nautica Cruise

Nautica Cruise
Photo Courtesy: Oceania Cruises

Nautica Cruise to the Middle East is another well-known ship with good reviews. It is a luxury cruise ship with great food and off-shore excursions. Additionally, this ship has a casino, fitness centre, lounge, library, live music, pools, games, and activities to entertain the passengers. Moreover, there is a shuffleboard court and impressive nightclubs here. The itinerary is a long one for about 21 days. It starts from Dubai in most cases. 

3. Azamara Journey Cruise

Azamara Journey
Photo Courtesy: Azamara Cruises

Another popular cruise ship with good reviews is the Azamara Journey Cruise to the Middle East. It is an 11 night cruise, and its itinerary starts from Dubai. This small ship accommodates about 690 passengers, with a Club Oceanview Stateroom. It has dance classes, a fitness centre, pools, a cabaret lounge, a casino, and a DJ disco for entertainment. In addition, there are excellent food options with the Windows Café, Discoveries Bar, Aqualina Specialty Dining, the Patio, etc.

4. Seabourn Encore Cruise

Seabourn Encore Cruise
Photo Courtesy: Seabourn Cruise Line

Seabourn Encore Cruise ship to the Middle East is also popular among cruisers. It is a small cruise ship accommodating 600 passengers. Its itinerary starts from Dubai and travels across 16 ports to reach the Middle East. One of its highlights includes the impressive restaurant and dining options, with the Coffee Bar, Patio Bar, the Club, the Grill by Thomas Keller, and others. Moreover, passengers have various activities, including bridge play, casino, grand salon, nightly live music, spa & wellness, and team trivia. 

5. Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Edge
Photo Courtesy: Celebrity Cruises

It is a cruise ship from Celebrity Cruises. It has a long itinerary starting from Rome (Civitavecchia) and ending in Abu Dhabi, covering 14 ports. Some of the activities here are theatre productions, a club with late-night disco, and the Eden, which includes a lounge, restaurant, bar, a rooftop garden, live music, and DJ nights. Moreover, there are casino bars, martini bars, magic carpets, and pools for entertainment.

6. MSC Opera

MSC Opera
Photo Courtesy: MSC Cruises

This ship comes from MSC Cruises, a popular Middle East cruise. With about 2,142 passengers, the itinerary starts from Dubai to Taormina across 18 ports. Individuals enjoy activities like theatre productions, art classes, baby clubs, deck parties, mini clubs, karaoke, and live music. Additionally, there are multiple dining options here, such as Aroma Coffee Bar, Cotton Club, Gelateria Italiana, Lo Spinnaker Pool Bar, and Vitamin Bar.

7. Costa Toscana

Costa Toscana
Photo Courtesy: Costa Cruises

This is a large cruise ship from Costa Cruises, accommodating 5,224 passengers. The itinerary of Costa Toscana to Middle East is long, from Genoa to Abu Dhabi across 19 ports. Passengers can enjoy multiple activities, such as theatre shows, discos and nightclubs, bars and lounges, infinity bars, pools, hot tubs and waterslides. The popular restaurants include L'Argentario Restaurant, La Maremma, and La Sagra Dei Sapori. 

When selecting a cruise ship, the passengers must consider the budget and facilities that a cruise line. This will give them a better understanding of the ship. Moreover, they will be able to save money while getting the best experience of cruising to the Middle East.

8. Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International

Discover iconic destinations like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and beyond, immersing yourself in the region's rich history, vibrant cultures, and breathtaking landscapes. Royal Caribbean stands out with its innovative onboard amenities, including Broadway-style entertainment, world-class dining, and thrilling activities like rock climbing and surf simulators. Indulge in well-appointed staterooms and suites, offering panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf and ensuring a comfortable and stylish retreat throughout your voyage. Get on a journey where every moment is an adventure with Royal Caribbean's cruises to the enchanting Middle East.

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