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Useful Things to Know About Avalon Envision

Explore Useful Things to Know About Avalon Envision


Laundry services are available onboard for a small fee. Please check the price list inside the cabin. Clothes cannot be dry cleaned onboard. For safety reasons, please refrain from ironing items on board as it is a safety hazard. The onboard laundry service will iron your clothes for a fee. Laundry services are not available at the Galapagos.

Wi-Fi & Internet Access

Free WiFi is available on all European Avalon ships. Free Wi-Fi access is available at the Mekong and Ganges Panorama Lounge. Signals are not always reliable when driving in remote areas. His PIN number will be provided at reception to access the onboard Wi-Fi internet network. You can use this number on your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Wi-Fi is not available at Amazon or Galapagos.

Medical Services

Due to the proximity to land, onshore medical services can be called rapidly. On Amazon and Galápagos ships, first-aid-trained staff is available.

Dress Code

Here, There & Every-WEAR … What to Wear on an Avalon Cruise?

Aboard Avalon Waterways, our job is to make you feel Home “Suite” Home as you wind and bend your way through the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Here, we trade formality for friendly; white gloves for welcomes and suits and gowns for suites and get-up-and-go! Comfort is the only code we go by for cruise attire.

With Avalon, your days are filled with exciting excursions and soaking up picture-perfect landscapes, so dress for enjoyment and practicality. Because weather can be unpredictable, layers are always recommended when out and about. Consider packing a small backpack or handbag for jackets and sweaters. And, of course, bring your favourite, most comfortable, walking or athletic shoes to keep your feet happy and your heart pumping.

Dinner attire on board is casual with typical guests donning open-neck shirts and slacks, skirts and dresses. Gentlemen who enjoy feeling sporty in sports coats, are welcome to pack them but they are not required. Some guests do prefer to dress up for celebratory evenings onboard including the Captain’s Reception or Farewell Dinner.

On our Mekong, Ganges, Amazon, and Galápagos cruises, we recommend that guests forgo dressier attire completely due to warm, humid climates.

In short, wear exactly what suits you – and the discoveries you make onboard and off – best!

Additional notes to consider:

  • While Avalon isn’t interested in cramping your style with a dress code, some excursions may require one (no knees or shoulders in some holy places; or no shorts during some evening events in ports-of-call, for instance).
  • In addition, for your comfort and that of your fellow cruisers, we do request that shorts not be worn in the Dining Room or Panorama Lounge in the evenings, and if you fancy a dip in the whirlpool, bathing suits are worn only on the Sky Deck.
  • If you’re feeling fit for fun, we also want you to know that an Adventure Host will be your guide, at the ready for fitness activities, on all European cruises. Your host will not only lead daily workouts but can also help you pave your own path to wellness with biking, hiking and other, on-your-own adventures. Dress for your own fitness success!

Age Restrictions

Our years of cruising experience have shown that children under the age of 8 are generally too young to fully enjoy a cruise vacation. For this reason, and for the safety and enjoyment of all passengers, children under the age of 8 are not permitted. Also, please note that there are no special facilities or activities for children on our ships.

Smoking Policy

All ships have non-smoking interiors. Smoking is permitted only in a designated outdoor area of each ship.


Avalon Waterways makes reasonable attempts to accommodate the special needs of disabled and mobility impaired travellers but is not responsible in the event it is unable to do so. Because we cannot provide individual assistance to travellers in many situations, and most of our transportation services are not equipped with wheelchair ramps, we recommend that you view our terms and conditions for details and contact us to learn more.

Special Dietary Requirements

We know that some travellers may have specific dietary requests. Unfortunately, dietary requirements cannot be guaranteed on our vacations. We make our best effort to accommodate your requests, but our vessels, as well as hotels and restaurants, may not be able to manage specific diet requirements. Dietary requirements should be advised at time of booking and we ask that you also discuss these with your Hotel Manager upon embarkation.

Sustainable Travel

Avalon is committed to minimizing our environmental impact and reducing our dependence on non-renewable resources. In this effort, we have established policies that support this mission and work diligently to improve our products by combining this mission with our values. / or undertake to comply with regulations.

Avalon adheres to the policy of "leave only footprints, only take pictures". Our staff and key service providers strive to ensure that no natural or cultural artifacts or materials are removed to ensure that all environments look and function the same before and after your visit. Our cruise directors will remind our passengers of our "Do No Harm" Code of Conduct to ensure they comply.

Air Conditioning & Heating

All rooms on the ships are air conditioned and heated. All ships have individual controls in the staterooms.
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