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Kids and Teens Activities on Allure Of The Seas Cruise Ship

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Explore All Activities for Kids and Teens on Allure Of The Seas

Allure of the Seas is a fantastic cruise ship for kids and teens. It offers a variety of activities to keep them entertained, including water parks, rock climbing walls, and even zip lines. Teens can enjoy their own spaces with dance clubs and lounges, and kids can join clubs with age-appropriate games and crafts. It's a perfect vacation spot for families with children of all ages.

1. H2O Zone℠ Water Park

The H2O Zone℠ is a super fun water park that's full of excitement! It has lots of colorful features like interactive geysers and sculptures you can climb on. Plus, there are water cannons, pools, and waterfalls to play in.

2. Carousel

This special hand-made treasure is colorful and charming. It reminds people of their favorite childhood memories by the sea. In the Boardwalk® area, it stands out as something special. The horses, zebra, bunny, and other cute animals on it ask people to come and ride them for fun.

3. Mini golf

Go up the ramp, go around the curve, and put the ball into the hole. Have fun playing mini golf on the green with beautiful ocean views. You can play as many times as you want because it's included in your ticket. You don't need to book ahead.

4. Rock Climbing Wall

The sight you see is great once you climb up. You go up forty feet above the ground on the special Rock-Climbing Wall. Anyone, whether they're just starting out or super-fast climbers, can put on the gear and go up. You don't need to book ahead for this free activity, so you can come back and enjoy the view many times.

5. Ice Skating

When you're on board, you can expect to feel excited, and you get to ice skate for free. People of all ages, whether they're just starting or good, can put on ice skates and show what they can do.

6. Teen Lounge

The teen program on Royal Caribbean® cruises isn't like school, with strict lessons and rules. Teens on the cruise want to have fun, so they get their own special time. During the day, they can join fun activities planned for them or just chill out in areas just for teens, where the staff makes sure they have a great time.

7. Adventure Science Lab

At Adventure Ocean's Adventure Science Lab, kids can explore fossil digs, try out junior chemistry, and even make space mud! It's a place where budding scientists and curious kids can discover new things through fun experiments.

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8. Aquanauts

Children between the ages of 3 and 5 can have lots of fun & learn new things with Adventure Ocean® Aquanauts. They get to do exciting science experiments and discover big secrets, just like dinosaurs! It keeps them busy and entertained all day long.

9. Imagination Studio

Children between the ages of 6 and 12 can make whatever they like at Imagination Studio, the coolest place for being creative at Adventure Ocean®. You can paint, make sculptures, or do crafts—there are lots of things to do to let their imaginations have fun!

10. Scrapbooking

Learn how to make a beautiful vacation scrapbook by turning your memories into art. Discover how to create themed pages using textured borders, cutouts, and decorations.

11. Adventure Ocean Theater

Adventure Ocean® Theater is a place where kids can live their dreams of being stars. They get to be the main characters in the Circus Show or Pirate Show. They can also show their dance skills in the Talent Show. There are lots of fun theater games to play, and they can act in plays with other kids their age.

12. Babies and Tots program

Taking your baby on a cruise is super simple now. The Royal Babies & Tots program has sessions where you can leave your baby in the nursery. There, they can play with toys and do activities that are just right for their age. Trained staff members are there to take care of everything.

13. Adventure Ocean®

When children have fun, their parents are happy too. That's why our Adventure Ocean® Youth Program is made to make kids smile. Kids aged 3 to 5 will have lots of fun and learn cool things in the Aquanauts group. Children from 6 to 8 will have a blast with activities like themed parties in the Explorers program. And for kids aged 9 to 11, learning is super exciting in the Voyagers group.

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14. Explorers

For kids aged 6 to 8 in the Adventure Ocean® youth program, there are lots of fun things to do. They can try cool science experiments like Space Mud, Fossil Fever, and Meteorology Madness. They can also get innovative with arts and crafts in Adventure Art. Plus, there are performances where they get to be the stars and dance parties with yummy ice cream.

15. Voyagers

The Voyagers group at Adventure Ocean® gives kids aged 9 to 11 lots of fun things to do. They can compete in sports and video games, show their talents in talent shows, go on a scavenger hunt around the ship, and enjoy many other activities.

16. Away We Go

When an energetic 8-year-old makes a wish on a shooting star, amazing things happen! Join Mia and her new friends as they go on exciting adventures around the world and even into space. It's a magical story full of fun that everyone in the family will enjoy. Let's go on an adventure together!

17. Archery

You can become really good with a bow and arrow by practicing your aim and technique in our archery activity onboard. It's held indoors, and we use special equipment that's safe for everyone, young and old. It's a fun activity that families can enjoy together.

18. Captain's Welcome Aboard Reception

The captain wants to make a toast to all the guests. Head to a special reception dedicated to everyone on board. Bring your camera so you can take a photo with the captain.


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