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Independence Of The Seas Cruise Ship Enrichment

Explore Enrichment Programs & Classes on Independence Of The Seas

On Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas, guests can enjoy a variety of enriching activities. Dance enthusiasts can learn the latest salsa, hip-hop, swing, or ballroom moves from expert instructors and show off their skills on the dance floor. Wine lovers can explore exclusive vintages from around the world in a wine-tasting class, learning about different wines like California cabs, Australian Shiraz, and Argentinian Malbecs.

1. Dance Classes

Instructors teach the latest moves in salsa, hip-hop, swing, or ballroom dancing, allowing guests to bring their newfound skills to their preferred Royal Caribbean dance floor.

2. Wine Tasting

This is how fans are cultivated. Participants are invited to delve into vintages and varieties during an engaging wine-tasting class showcasing renowned vineyards worldwide. Exclusive wines, available only onboard Royal Caribbean®, are featured, including delectable California cabs, Australian shiraz, and Argentinian Malbecs. Guests can sip, swirl, and evolve into connoisseurs while immersing themselves in the narratives of some of the world's most esteemed wineries. This event promises to take participants' palates on an exploratory journey. For further information, attendees are encouraged to inquire about their maître d'.

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3. Folding Artistry

Master the art of folding, flipping, and twisting like the pros at Royal Caribbean. Transform a simple napkin into an impeccable place setting and morph an ordinary towel into a swan reminiscent of those found in your stateroom.

4. Learn a Language

Learn the language of the locals through foreign language lessons offered onboard. Acquire greetings, phrases, and questions to facilitate enjoyable conversations with residents.

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