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MSC Magnifica Virtual Tour 360°

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MSC Magnifica Cruise Ship Virtual Tour in 360°

Planning a cruise with friends or family? 360° pictures offer MSC Magnifica an interactive way to involve your travel companions in decision-making. You can explore together and visualize the ship, including suites and cabins, restaurants and buffets, bars and lounges, a casino, a disco, a 4D cinema, and a cigar lounge. Get excited about the upcoming journey. 

Detailed Information of the 360° Virtual Tour of MSC Magnifica


  • Suite: These are luxurious and spacious accommodations with extra amenities, often including a separate living area, a private balcony, and enhanced services. 
  • Balcony Family Suite: A more extensive suite designed for families, featuring a private balcony and more space to accommodate multiple guests comfortably. 
  • Balcony Cabin: Standard cabins with a private balcony let you enjoy the sea views and fresh air from your space. 
  • Balcony Cabin for People with Disabilities: Like the balcony cabin, but designed to be accessible for people with disabilities, offering appropriate facilities and features. 
  • Ocean View: Cabins with windows or portholes that provide ocean views or the surrounding scenery. 
  • Ocean View for People with Disabilities: Ocean view cabins are designed to be accessible and comfortable for people with disabilities. 
  • Inside: Interior cabins without windows offer a cozy and comfortable resting place. 
  • Inside for People with Disabilities: Interior cabins are designed for accessibility, ensuring people with disabilities have a comfortable stay. 

Public Areas & Spa 

  • Reception: The ship's main reception area is where guests check in, ask questions and get information. 
  • Bar: A lounge space where you can relax with a drink, socialize, and enjoy the ship's atmosphere. 
  • Sporting Bar: A bar designed with a sports theme, often featuring screens showing live sporting events. 
  • Cigar Room: A designated area where cigar enthusiasts can enjoy their cigars in a comfortable environment. 
  • Specialty Restaurant: A restaurant that offers unique and specialized cuisine, often requiring reservations and an additional fee. 
  • Casino: An entertainment area with various games of chance for those who enjoy gambling. 
  • Theatre: The venue where live performances, shows, and entertainment occur. 
  • À la Carte Restaurant: A restaurant where you can order individual dishes from a menu rather than a buffet-style meal. 
  • Main Pool: The primary swimming and lounging area for guests to enjoy onboard. 
  • Magrodome: A retractable shelter over the pool space that can be flared or shut depending on the environment. 
  • Aurea Spa: The ship's spa facility where guests can indulge in various wellness treatments and relaxation. 
  • Discotheque: The ship's dance club and nightlife venue where guests can dance and have fun. 

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