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MSC Meraviglia | Enrichment Programs & Classes


At MSC Meraviglia, enrichment activities await you at every turn. Dive into fascinating lectures on local culture or learn a new skill in one of our hands-on workshops. Delve into the secrets of the destinations you'll visit or discover the art of culinary delights with our expert chefs. With a wide array of enriching experiences, your journey aboard MSC Meraviglia promises to be both educational and memorable.

1. Cupcake Decorating: Discover how to make cupcakes beautiful with the help of expert chefs. This activity is great for kids and their parents.

2. Learning New Languages: Meet people from around the world and learn their languages and about their cultures.

3. Cooking Classes: Join chefs for workshops where they teach you how to make different types of food, including special dishes.

4. Arts and Crafts: Get involved in fun sessions where you can paint, draw, and create things with your hands.

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