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MSC Splendida | Enrichment Programs & Classes


The MSC Splendida offers a variety of enriching experiences designed to cater to every guest's interests. From culinary classes showcasing international cuisine to art auctions featuring exquisite pieces, there's something for everyone. The ship also hosts wellness workshops and language lessons, allowing passengers to learn something new while enjoying their journey. This blend of activities ensures that every moment on the MSC Splendida is not just luxurious but also culturally enriching.

1. Cup Cake Decoration: Discover the art of making cupcakes beautiful with guidance from professional chefs, perfect for kids and their parents.

2. Learn New Languages: Engage with individuals from across the globe, learning their languages and exploring their cultures.

3. Culinary Classes: Join chefs as they host workshops and teach the secrets of preparing various cuisines or signature dishes.

4. Arts and Crafts: Participate in creative sessions focused on painting, drawing, and crafting, allowing guests to express their creativity.

5. Dance Classes: Take part in dance workshops offering salsa, ballroom, and other dance styles, providing a fun and energetic experience for all guests.

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