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MSC Splendida Virtual Tour 360°

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MSC Splendida Cruise Ship Virtual Tour in 360°

Another cruising marvel among MSC Cruise’s Fantasia Class Cruise ships, MSC Splendida is splendid indeed, especially when a 360° perspective grants you access to many stately rooms, the famous MSC Aurea Spa, and the much-vaunted MSC Yacht Club’s Royal, Family & Deluxe rooms served by exceptional, professional staff of personal butlers. 

Detailed Information of the 360° Virtual Tour of MSC Splendida:


  • Balcony Suite: Explore the luxurious Balcony Suites, offering a spacious and comfortable living space with a private balcony to enjoy the sea view. 
  • Balcony Cabin: Take a look at the Balcony Cabins, providing a cozy cabin experience with the added benefit of a private balcony. 
  • Balcony Cabin for People with Disabilities: Discover specially designed Balcony Cabins that are accessible and cater to the needs of people with disabilities. 
  • Ocean View: Experience the Ocean View cabins, allowing you to glimpse the beauty of the sea right from the comfort of your house. 
  • Ocean View for People with Disabilities: Explore Ocean View cabins thoughtfully designed to accommodate people with disabilities while providing stunning ocean views. 
  • Inside: Get a feel for the Inside cabins, providing a comfortable interior space for a peaceful stay. 
  • Inside for People with Disabilities: Discover Inside cabins designed to be accessible and convenient for people with disabilities. 

Public Areas

  • Reception: Step into the ship's reception area, where guests are warmly welcomed and assisted. 
  • Bar: Explore the bar area, a social hub where you can relax and enjoy various beverages. 
  • Restaurant: Take a virtual tour of the ship's restaurant, where you can indulge in tasty meals in an elegant setting. 
  • Jazz Bar: Immerse yourself in the ambiance of the Jazz Bar, a venue offering live music and entertainment. 
  • Poker Room: Peek into the Poker Room, where guests can try their luck and skill at card games. 
  • Theatre: Experience the grandeur of the ship's theatre, a space for captivating performances and shows. 
  • Aft Lounge: Explore the Aft Lounge, a comfortable space to unwind and socialize. 
  • Sports Bar: Look at the Sports Bar, a vibrant spot to catch up on sports events while enjoying drinks. 
  • Main Pool: Dive into the Main Pool area virtually, an inviting space to relax and enjoy the sun. 

MSC Aurea Spa

  • Reception: Get a glimpse of the spa's reception area, where you can inquire about the available wellness services. 
  • Massage Room: Explore the massage room, where skilled therapists offer relaxation and rejuvenation through massages. 
  • Balcony Suite: See the Balcony Suites within the spa, providing a serene space for relaxation. 
  • Suite: Explore the suites in the spa area designed for comfort and tranquility. 

MSC Yacht Club

  • Royal Suite: Take a virtual tour of the Royal Suite in the MSC Yacht Club, experiencing luxury and comfort. 
  • Family Suite: Explore the Family Suite, offering spacious accommodations for families within the MSC Yacht Club. 
  • Deluxe Suite: Get a glimpse of the Deluxe Suites, designed for a premium stay experience. 
  • Deluxe Suite for People with Disabilities: Discover Deluxe Suites in the MSC Yacht Club that are thoughtfully designed for accessibility and comfort.

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