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Kids and Teens Activities on MSC Splendida Cruise Ship

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Explore All Activities for Kids and Teens on MSC Splendida

Kids and teens on MSC Splendida have a world of fun waiting for them. With dedicated clubs for different age groups, they can make new friends and enjoy activities like games, crafts, and sports. The ship's friendly staff makes sure every young guest has a great time, ensuring a memorable and joyful experience for families.

1. Graffiti Disco

Teenagers can dance and form new friendships at the vibrant Graffiti Disco, a place filled with music and energy.

2. Il Polo Nord

This delightful space is ingeniously crafted for young adventurers on mini cruisers. It features engaging play equipment for energetic romps and a child-friendly, shallow pool for safe, splashy fun.

3. Juniors Club

The Juniors Club offers fun for 7-11-year-olds, open 9 am-11 pm in port and in three sessions on sea days: 9 am-1 pm, 2:30 pm-5 pm, and 6 pm-11 pm.

4. Mini Club

Invite young travelers to join the onboard kid's club, where they can meet new buddies and engage in a variety of entertaining and interactive activities designed just for them.

5. Teens Toboga

Young adventurers will be thrilled by this incredibly fun, spiraling waterslide that stretches across two decks. It offers an exhilarating experience as riders whoosh and squeal with joy on their descent.

6. Virtual World

Young adventurers will adore the vibrant and engaging games room, which is filled with an array of fantastic and thrilling activities and provides a perfect space to form new friendships.

7. Table Football

This widely enjoyed activity provides an excellent chance to connect with fellow enthusiasts and make new friends among those who share similar interests on a cruise.

8. Table Tennis

Hone your table tennis abilities and extend a warm invitation to your fellow guests for an exciting match onboard, creating memorable experiences together.

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