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Kids and Teens Activities on MSC World Europa Cruise Ship

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Explore All Activities for Kids and Teens on MSC World Europa

The MSC World Europa offers a unique and exciting experience for kids and teens, providing a wide range of activities made for various age groups. From interactive games and educational workshops to sports competitions and themed parties, there's something for every young traveler. The ship features dedicated areas for different age groups, ensuring a safe and engaging environment for children to explore, learn, and have fun. Teens can enjoy their club, offering a perfect mix of entertainment, creativity, and socializing, making their cruise experience special.

1. MSC Foundation Youth Center

The vessel will include a special area for children where they can engage in enjoyable and instructive activities focusing on environmental awareness. Simultaneously, their parents will have the opportunity to discover more about the MSC Foundation's initiatives and efforts dedicated to various causes.

2. Lego Celebration Room

The enduring collaboration between LEGO Group and MSC Cruises is delighting enthusiasts with a unique room dedicated to celebrating LEGO's "90 Years of Play."

3. High-Tech Activities

MSC Cruises is revolutionizing children's entertainment by introducing innovative activities that combine gaming with advanced technology for unforgettable enjoyment. In the Juniors, Young & Teens Clubs, guests can enjoy access to more than 21 cutting-edge gaming consoles, seven virtual reality stations, and a selection of over 50 different video games.

4. 3,2,1 Knock

This unprecedented family gameshow draws its inspiration from the vibrant challenges and colors of Asian entertainment, including K-pop and Japanese games. It promises to captivate the audience with thrilling and unforgettable experiences.

5. Z Active

A new sports initiative is available for children and teenagers. It offers a variety of activities, including soccer, basketball, zorb ball, pickleball, and hoverboarding. This dynamic program is designed to provide youthful participants with an engaging and diverse physical experience, fostering both skills and fun in multiple sports.

6. MSC Dance Crew

In partnership with Fremantle, the powerhouse behind global TV sensations like Idols and the Got Talent series, comes the electrifying MSC Dance Crew competition. This contest invites teams of young enthusiasts aged 10 to 17 to battle it out for the coveted title of the year's best dance crew.

7. The Secret Game - Cabin 12006

Originating from the MSC original web series "Cabin 12006," passengers will be treated to a unique and unforgettable journey as they engage in a captivating onboard mystery-solving game. This experience merges various elements, including music, videos, TikTok challenges, memory games, and other interactive activities, inviting guests to immerse themselves fully.

8. Drone Academy 2.0

A vibrant and advanced nighttime relay race will feature illuminated drones navigating through 15 obstacles. Utilizing POV cameras and virtual reality, this unique event allows teams of participants to engage in a competitive environment, aiming to complete the course in the fastest time possible.

9. Beat the Music

The entire family will be the focus of a fun and digital game show about music that everyone can enjoy. This will be the first-time guests on an MSC Cruises ship can play the game using a special app. In this competition, parents will try to guess the new music their children like, and children will try to think about the old music their parents enjoy.

10. Kids Clubs

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