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MSC Meraviglia Entertainment Activities

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On-Board Entertainmen Activities on MSC Meraviglia

MSC Meraviglia, one of MSC Cruises' standout vessels, offers an entertainment lineup that caters to all ages. The ship features the impressive Carousel Lounge, which hosts breathtaking Cirque du Soleil shows. These shows blend stunning acrobatics with live music in a tailor-made theater.

For those seeking a blend of technology and fun, the MSC Meraviglia offers the Polar Aquapark. It's packed with adventurous water slides, pools, and activities that promise excitement for family members of all ages, all set against the backdrop of the sea.

An evening on MSC Meraviglia can be as vibrant or relaxed as one desires. Guests can enjoy a range of live music, from jazz bands to classical ensembles, or try their luck at the bustling casino, offering games from slots to blackjack, ensuring every night is filled with entertainment.

1. Broadway Theatre

The ship's main theater, with 985 seats and 100 square feet, hosts six shows each cruise. The lineup includes flamenco, opera, and avant-garde productions like "Virtual," which incorporates phone apps like dating and maps into a lively dance performance.

2. Casino Imperiale

The massive casino is nestled at the rear of Deck 7, a departure from the norm on most mega-ships. It boasts an array of slot machines, gaming tables, daily tournaments, and bingo.

3. TV Studio & Bar

The upper deck of the Galleria Meraviglia features a lively bar with live music, a dance floor, and late-night karaoke. It also hosts a TV studio broadcasting live games, quizzes, and talent contests.

4. Full size bowling alley

The MSC Meraviglia boasts a full-size bowling alley, offering guests a fun and exciting activity onboard. Whether you're a seasoned bowler or just looking to have some fun with friends and family, the bowling alley provides a fantastic entertainment option during your cruise.

5. F1 Simulators

MSC Meraviglia offers F1 simulators for guests to enjoy an exhilarating racing experience. These simulators provide an immersive and thrilling way to sense the excitement of Formula 1 racing without leaving the ship.

6. Polar Aquapark

The Polar Aquapark aboard the MSC Meraviglia Water Park offers an exhilarating experience for guests of all ages. With thrilling water slides, interactive water features, and refreshing pools, it's the perfect spot for endless fun and relaxation.

7. Sportplex

The Sportplex on MSC Meraviglia offers a variety of exciting activities for guests to enjoy. From basketball and volleyball courts to a high-tech interactive climbing wall, there's something for everyone to get active and have fun.

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Polar Aquapark

Vitality and water are two elements that can be found in abundance at our onboard water parks, perfect for people of all ages to relax and enjoy in the water. Features include twisting slides, different pools, and activities for all ages.

Himalayan Bridge

Check out the Himalayan Bridge, an 80-meter skywalk over a suspension bridge at the stern, about 60 meters above sea level. A truly unique place where you can enjoy your daily constitution with amazing sea views as a bonus.

F1 Simulators

Our amazing onboard F1 simulator offers adrenaline-pumping virtual reality racing in the driver's seat of a Formula 1 racing car. Go head-to-head with other racers and feel the rev of your engine. Great fun for young and old no matter who wins the race.

Broadway Theatre

Normally you would have to go to New York to see top-notch shows, but thanks to Broadway-style theaters, you can enjoy top-notch entertainment from a line-up of international artists without leaving the ship. With a great program to choose from, we're sure you'll find a show you'll love.

Horizon Ampitheatre

The Horizon Pool offers more space for sunbathers on the outdoor deck during the day. At night, the area transforms into a spectacular outdoor spot for dancing and entertainment.

Virtual Games Arcade

Enjoy hours of gaming in our onboard Arcade°. Test your wits and skills against your friends in a variety of arcade-style options such as video games, pinball, and more. Great fun guaranteed.

Flight Simulator

Experience the thrill of high-altitude flight in our state-of-the-art flight simulator. You can experience the amazing feeling and scenery as if you were flying a real airplane!

Bowling Alley

strike! You'll want to hear that voice every time your bowling ball rolls down the lane. Find out if you have talent, play against family and friends and become the bowling champion.

Galleria Meraviglia

This 96 m central promenade is filled with boutiques, restaurants and tranquil spots for shopping, eating and relaxing... as well as socialising. And in the evening, it comes alive with music, parties and entertainment.

The entire ceiling of the inside promenade is covered by a giant 480 sq.m. LED screen transmitting visual magic round the clock: an atmospheric° digital sky that animates the whole area from above with inspiring vistas, events, sunrises, sunsets and starry night skies.

TV Studio & Bar

This high-tech multipurpose room includes a radio station and TV studio that broadcasts live games, quizzes, talent shows and other entertaining content on board. It also serves as an atmospheric comedy club, karaoke his bar, and live music venue.

Casino Imperiale

Our casino is elegantly designed and offers games for all types of players. You can try your hand at roulette or blackjack, try poker at his table, or choose from a variety of slot his machines.

Brass Anchor Pub

A British-style pub serving food and drinks.

Edge Cocktail Bar

Meraviglia's cocktail bar.

Carousel Lounge

A place for meetings and talks, it is used at night for Cirque du Soleil performances at sea.

Sports Bar

Catch a game or just relax with a variety of American and international beers, cocktails and spirits at this American-style sports bar.

Top Sail Lounge

Luxurious accommodations and exclusive services are just the beginning. The MSC Yacht Club offers a range of stunning private areas, from the elegant Topsail Lounge with panoramic views to the One Pool Deck with stylish restaurant, private swimming pool, jacuzzi, sundeck and bar.

Jean-Philippe Maury Chocolaterie

The Chocolat & Cafe venue is a large chocolate shop with demonstrations, desserts, and the opportunity to make your own chocolate.

Sky Lounge

Bar and lounge with panoramic views.

MSC Yacht Club

An exclusive haven of refinement

I found a ship inside a ship. A place where you can enjoy exclusivity and privacy in a world of choice. Here you can enjoy the luxury of a private club while enjoying access to the myriad of recreational and entertainment options available on board.

Welcome to the MSC Yacht Club° a cruise experience like no other.

Meraviglia Bar & Lounge

Large bar and lounge area, with live music during the events and events held throughout the cruise.

Polar Bar

Drinks and ice cream by the pool.

Infinity Bar & Atrium

The Infinity Bar is on deck 5

Atmosphere Bar

The Atmosphere bar is next to the Atmosphere pool and serves drinks, coffees and ice cream.

4D Cinema

Access the onboard 4D cinema and immerse yourself in a world of adventure without leaving the comfort of your seat. Enjoy a unique cinematic experience full of amazing features and visual effects.

Photo Shop

smile! Our team of professional photographers constantly roam the ship, capturing amazing memories every day. Browse our photo gallery daily to make sure you never miss a great photo of you and your loved ones enjoying your cruise.


There is a library on board.

Shops & Boutiques

There are various shops and boutiques on board. From the MSC Logo Shop, which sells MSC clothing, souvenirs and toys, to Le His Parfums, which sells a range of cosmetics and perfumes, including Dior and Marc Jacobs.

La Boutique on Deck 6 sells men's, women's and children's fashion from brands such as Polo, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and Armani, along with sunglasses, watches and fashion jewellery.

The Duty Free Shop sells tobacco, spirits and snacks and is located on Deck 6.

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