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Entertainment on the SS Explorer Cruise Ship

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A trip on Seven Seas Explorer will change you forever, and the lasting bonds and delightful friendships you make with travelers from other worlds will make the experience truly memorable. A warm and friendly atmosphere onboard offers the perfect atmosphere for spending your precious moments, including elegant and casual fun on board.

Gather for cocktails in the club's piano bar, take a samba class in the elegant lounge, or share the experience of watching a Broadway-style performance in a small theater. Listen to engaging lectures by experts from the Smithsonian Institution and participate in friendly competitions whether you're a good bridge or a trivia enthusiast.

Reception & Concierge/General Manager

Turn to the Reception Desk for answers to questions about your Seven Seas Explorer® experience. Our knowledgeable staff is available day and night. You may also contact the ship's Concierge here.

Our Reception Desk is the place to turn to have your every wish, whim and want fulfilled any time of day or night. Our knowledgeable, personable staff will welcome your questions and work to ensure your Seven Seas Explorer® experience is everything you want it to be. The ship's Concierge may also be contacted at the Reception Desk.

While cruise-related issues are first submitted to Reception/Concierge, you can be assured that a General Manager is on hand to resolve issues to your satisfaction.

Accountability is a critical aspect of providing you with an unrivalled experience on Regent Seven Seas Cruises®. As a guest you'll always know where to find our General Manager, whose sole responsibility is making sure things are running as they should — and that includes providing you with superior customer service.

Destination Services

A great resource if you’re keen on making the most of your time in port cities. Visit Destination Services to book a FREE Unlimited Shore Excursion or unique, small-group Regent Choice Shore Excursion.

No ordinary shipboard cooking class, our Culinary Arts Kitchen will make you believe you’ve stumbled into one of the world’s prestigious cooking schools. An impressive 18 individual cooking stations sit atop three long, curved rows with white quartzite countertops and stainless steel accents, a formidable array you’ll put to good use preparing a variety of exquisite dishes taught by trained culinary masters.


Simply put, the Atrium is the very heart of Seven Seas Explorer®. Natural light cascades from above but it’s a magnificent chandelier shining like a glowing star that steals the show.

Often described as the crossroads of the ship, our Atrium is an inspiring testament to the grandeur of luxury ocean travel. Cascading stairwells make it a natural gathering place for guests, but convenience alone doesn’t begin to describe its magnetic appeal. On Seven Seas Explorer® a spectacular chandelier hovers like a glowing star, enhancing the natural light shining down from far above.

Connoisseur Club

Engage in spirited conversation with new friends in an elegant hideaway that calls to mind gentleman's clubs of old. An elegant throwback where cigars are savoured, you’ll take to like a favourite cardigan.

Maybe it’s the deep blue walls that give the Connoisseur Club such a gentile, old-fashioned feel. Or maybe it’s the collection of impossible comfortable leather armchairs. Whatever it is, this is a relaxing spot for you and new friends to enjoy a fine cigar and sip cognac (both are available for purchase) in classic gentleman's club environs. Smoking is permitted in the club.

Explorer Lounge

The perfect spot to begin or end an evening, our Explorer Lounge inspires intimate conversations over perfectly mixed cocktails at an elegant, black marble bar while resident musicians play soothing live music.

With rich mahogany wood columns, heavy leather chairs and deep blue fabrics, the atmosphere here is conducive to intimate conversations and bonhomie. Relax to familiar tunes and special requests performed by our resident musicians from an intimate stage arched with a golden proscenium. A perfect spot to meet new friends for a pre- or post-dinner cocktail at the elegant, black marble bar.

Observation Lounge

With musicians performing throughout the day and night, captivating décor and floor-to-ceiling windows, you’ll be instantly drawn to this chic yet comfortable lounge as you unwind with a cocktail and jovial conversation.

Walk through a black and gold-lit tunnel and be instantly captivated. This chic yet comfortable lounge features an impressive bar, dazzling geometric ceiling, ample seating and floor-to-ceiling windows that create a magical atmosphere. Musicians perform throughout the day, creating an alluring vibe that sets just the right mood as you unwind with a pre-dinner cocktail or satisfying nightcap.

The Casino

Enjoy the elegance and excitement of a Monte Carlo-style casino. Stride through the Casino's glass doors to an elegant setting abuzz with Blackjack, roulette, poker, and a full craps table, as well as slot machines.

Get a taste of Monte Carlo excitement at our Casino directly across from the equally inspiring Explorer Lounge. Walk through glass doors into an elegant setting bustling with games of chance that include Blackjack, roulette, poker, and a full craps table, as well as slot machines. The Casino is open every day at sea when not restricted by territorial border limits

Meridian Lounge

A popular spot for informal gatherings over impromptu cocktails, you may find yourself here after a thrilling theatre experience. Meridian Lounge is a spacious, friendly space with an expansive bar and live music at night.

Situated along a lively hallway, Meridian Lounge is a natural place to gather with others for an afternoon or early evening cocktail. Elegantly appointed and comfortably furnished, it boasts an expansive bar and relaxed armchairs that beckon conversation. A popular spot to catch your breath after a dazzling Constellation Theatre show, this lively spot invites you to extend your evening with virtuoso performances by resident musicians.

Constellation Theater

Even before the lights drop and a lavishly staged, high-energy show begins, you're greeted by a Gatsby-esque atmosphere of glamor and sophistication as you enter our Constellation Theatre.

A dazzling staircase mosaic creates a Gatsby-esque atmosphere as you enter our Constellation Theatre, a space so grand it takes up two decks. Perfectly tiered for pleasing sightlines and furnished with plush seating, the main show lounge is an intimate venue without a bad seat in the house. Performances vary from full-scale musical revues to rousing singalongs, all backed by our incredible, five-piece Regent Signature Orchestra.

Card Room

Clubby and comfortable, our Card Room is a charming spot for you and new friends to gather for friendly competition in elegant surroundings.

An inviting and tranquil oasis dedicated to the pure pleasure of playing games. Our beautifully decorated Card Room sits across from Observation Lounge, and it’s not unusual for guests to go from one fun space to the other. Gather your favourite teammates in the Card Room for a lively afternoon or evening of board games, a social game of Bridge or to participate in an ACBL Tournament on select voyages.


Choose from a large selection of reading material in our Library, a relaxing retreat dedicated to calming the senses as well as stimulating the brain.

Well-stocked and exceedingly comfortable, you'll immediately feel at ease within the Library’s calm setting. Browse a vast collection of volumes, from destination-specific guide books to best-selling mysteries to classics of literature, on a variety of comfortable chairs. Conveniently located across from the Card Room, our library is a welcoming, low-key treasure you just may find hard to leave.


Perhaps it's a dress to wear for dinner or a piece of jewellery that calls your name. Our boutique items are carefully selected, providing you with quality handbags, fragrances and clothes to give as gifts... or give yourself.

Whether looking for something special to wear for dinner or a memento for friends and family back home, you’re bound to be tempted by the designer garments and fashionable accessories in our shops. Relax as you browse a wide range of items – upscale handbags to exclusive fragrances to fine jewellery and more – in an intimate and unhurried setting.

Pool Bar

What better way to relax body and mind than a refreshing pool with dramatic views in every direction? Discover our terrace.

When you think of activities you're likely to do only while on vacation, perhaps at the top of your list is a frozen drink at a poolside bar aboard a luxury cruise ship. You can enjoy a leisurely conversation in a fun and relaxed atmosphere while sipping on a cold drink or a frozen drink.

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