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Things to Consider for a Cruise to Alaska

If you are planning your Alaska Cruise, then here is a list of the top 5 things you must consider.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Alaska is one of the most beautiful places to visit by sea. The majestic Alaskan landscape and untampered wilderness attract tourists to the state every year. The Inside Passage of Alaska is filled with exquisite scenic views. The ship sailing over the marvelous calm water through the protected waterways with the occasional sighting of whales, orcas, and dolphins soothes both the body and soul. Traveling to the Gold Rush towns and exploring Alaska’s native heritage sites and untouched wilderness and wildlife is an experience of a lifetime.

But there are a few things to know before planning Alaskan Cruise so that the vacation is smooth, and ensure that you get the best experience through this amazing cruise vacation.

5 Things to Consider While Planning an Alaskan Cruise

1. Best Time for an Alaskan Cruise

Most of the Alaskan Cruises are scheduled from May to September. It is important to know whether you plan to have a vacation with less crowds or you plan to enjoy the ideal weather.

The warmest season in Alaska is in July, and it is the peak month for Alaskan tourism. This is also the time of the month when Hubbard Glacier, which is Alaska’s largest glacier, is accessible.

August and September are months with heavy rainfall. Yet the fall season brings about spectacular scenery in the wilderness.

2. Round Trip or One-way Trip

Most of the cruise lines offer a round-trip from Vancouver, British Columbia, or Seattle, Washington, while the one-way trip starts from Vancouver, Seattle or San Francisco, or Los Angeles and finishes at Seward or Whittier or vice versa.

While the round-way trip will be more economical as it saves most of your airfare, the one-way trip will take you deep into the north or south of the Alaskan state and lets you enjoy more of the beautiful Alaskan landscape.

3. Best Itinerary to Consider

Alaska is a place of absolute beauty. But there are a few routes or itineraries to look into depending on your preferences. The Inside Passage route of the cruise is one of the most breathtaking and scenic routes. If you prefer a relaxing cruise with a spectacular view, then ensure the Inside Passage route is on your itinerary. The journey over the calm water with the occasional sighting of whales and dolphins will be extremely pleasant.

If you are looking to explore the glaciers of Alaska, then it is advisable to have some background research about the glaciers. For example, Glacier Bay, a UNESCO world heritage site consisting of 11 glaciers, is accessible only to cruise with a special permit. Tracy Arm fjord, which leads to Sawyer Glacier, is accessible only by small cruise. Alaska’s largest glacier, Hubbard Glacier, is only accessible in June and July.

4. Cruise tours

Some cruises offer cruise tours. Cruise tours bring out the best of both cruise and land vacations. Cruise tours offer a unique add-on option to explore the Alaskan land where the guests are transferred from cruise to the company-owned lodges and cabins through narrated rails or motor coach. Cruise tours are suitable for travelers who don’t mind moving in groups with set itineraries.

Cruise tours help enhance your Alaska experience by letting you explore the land and the shore. Wilderness cabins and lodges are sure to satisfy your wanderlust appetite.

5. Few Important Items to Carry on Alaskan Cruise

While it is important to make a bucket list while going on an Alaskan Cruise, it is equally important to carry the following items to make your vacation more pleasant.

Final Words

The above Alaskan Cruise planning tips will surely make your journey more memorable and pleasant. Visit to search various cruise lines and compare the itineraries and routes of all the ships. Contact the cruise experts and to help guide you through the booking process.

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