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Five Experiences Sitka Has to Offer When on an Alaskan Cruise

Following are the amazing things you should not miss out to do in Sitka on Alaska cruise.

Alaskan cruise adventures are nothing short of audacious. Having nature at your fingertips in a world full of concrete jungles is actually rare!

Sitka is one place that many tourists leave out of their lists on an Alaskan cruise. On that account, it might be a win-win for you if you just want to relax at a tourist destination that is not constantly swamped with people. You will have Sitka all to yourself!

There are plenty of activities you can choose from. Following are a few things you shall not leave unexplored!

Top 5 Awesome Things to do in Sitka, Alaska

1. Sitka National Historical Park

Sitka is particularly known for its historical significance. No wonder an entire park is dedicated to showcasing the city’s historic richness. You can start your excursion with the park’s 113-acre visitor center and study the local history through artifacts, films, and exhibits. Learn about the natives and their ways of life at the Southeast Alaska Indian Cultural Center. They even have classes native art to give you a hands-on experience! Also, of course, considering the battle between the Russians and the Tlingit, you will be a spectator to the restored Russian Bishop’s house.

2. Wildlife Boat Tours

As your ship enters Sitka, you will notice the several tiny islands everywhere! Each island has a variety of wildlife in abundance. Thus, half-day boat tours are totally worth it. You could go for a Sea Otter and Whale Quest. You will encounter grizzly bears and other local wildlife along the way. Sea kayaking is also an option if you are an adrenaline junkie.

3. St. Michael’s Cathedral

Take a peek at Sitka’s Russian history at St. Michael’s Cathedral. The church was rebuilt after the fire in 1966 and is still practicing. As you take a stroll, you will see Russian icons and artifacts from the original structure. The sound of the church choir and the odor of sanctity will arouse your senses.

4. Mingle with the Locals

Go for a lunch with the locals and enjoy the freshest sea food over a casual talk about the place. You could go restaurant hopping with the locals until you have had your fill. After all, wherever you travel to, mingling with the locals is always fun and insightful. This way you acquire some extra knowledge about the place and take back memories in your suitcase.

5. Volcano Coast Exploration

To quench your thirst for an extra dose of adventure, head towards the volcanic coats of Kruzof Island in a motorized ocean raft. As you are pacing towards the coast in the raft that goes 50 mph the chilling breeze will hit your face. You will then enter the volcanic sea caves after bumpy but exhilarating rafting experience at St. Lazaria Island.

Let Sitka’s natural beauty and heritage culture seep in. You are certain to leave this place with a bundle of a joyous and daredevil to fill your travel diary up with!