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How much to spend on an Antarctica cruise?

A cruise to Antarctica is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is important to know how much you need to spend on such cruises. Read on to know more about all the details.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Antarctica is a land filled with majestic icebergs, biodiversity, pristine landscape, and snow. The continent is also home to various polar inhabitants like penguins, seals, whales, and foxes. From the stunning Lemaire Channel to the rising mountains of South Georgia, the continent has the finest natural attractions to offer. It is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime treat to walk among the natural beauty of Antarctica and explore the continent.

To explore Antarctica, a cruise trip is your best option. Many cruise lines offer trips to Antarctica. These ships are equipped with the best itinerary, technology, staff, and activities to cater to the needs of the voyagers. Most of these cruise trips are usually 10 to 15 days long. If you’re planning on a cruise to Antarctica, it is important to know the factors on which the overall price may depend.

How much does it cost to travel on an Antarctica cruise?

Listen below are some of the major factors that can affect your cruise trip to Antarctica

1. Cruise price:

The average cost of an expedition or luxury cruise ship usually falls between $10,000 to $50,000 per person. You can gain more knowledge about the white continent with the help of an onboard expert team, who would guide the hikes and shore excursions.

If you want to skip the excursion and just enjoy the voyage, you can book a ticket on a large-sized cruise ship. These ships are more economical as the cost per person ranges from $1,700 to $3,500. You can also get the chance to taste the ship’s gourmet menus and comfortable cabins and occasionally spot penguins and seals from your deck. 

2. Season:

The price of cruising to Antarctica heavily depends on whether you’re traveling during the high season or shoulder season. The high season in the continent begins in mid-December, continuing till late February. You can experience longer days, stable weather, and active wildlife during the months. Prices can be steep, as there is high demand among cruisers. 

November and March are called shoulder season months, which reflect economical prices. These months are best for photographers, as one can capture the beauty of the continent in its natural form. 

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3. Shore excursions and activities:

In Antarctica, it is a thrill to experience excursion trips to islands, remote bays, and channels. You can also participate in kayaking, scuba diving, and skiing.

On expedition ships, excursions are usually complementary and included in the cruise package. On the other hand, some large cruise ships offer excursions and activity packages for a fee. The fee for these excursions and activities differ according to the cruise line. 

4. Clothes and equipment:

Cruisers must carry durable clothes, gear, and equipment as the temperature in Antarctica can fall to a freezing point. Waterproof boots, jackets, gloves, goggles, visors, and ski poles are some of the necessities of an Antarctica cruise. If you purchase your items, the price can go up to $1,000. Look for cruise lines that offer an opportunity to rent these items onboard. The rent fee may range from $49 to $90 per item, depending on the cruise line. 


Traveling on an Antarctica cruise can be a heavenly experience, as you can enjoy the serenity and beauty of the continent in a close-up, intricate way. The cruise rates may differ based on various factors, so it is always essential to research to find a suitable, budget-friendly package. You can find many antarctica cruise ships, departure dates, excursion packages, and necessary equipment while planning a cruise to Antarctica. Select from the available options based on your budget and preferences. 

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