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Best Time to Cruise Australia and New Zealand!

Want to know what the best time to cruise Australia and New Zealand is? Read this blog to find out!

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An Australia and New Zealand cruise has to be, hands down, one of the classic cruises that are popular pretty much all over the world.

Both countries lie in close proximity to one another and are bifurcated by the Tasman Sea. Visitors love their distinct attractions. But what's the best time to cruise Australia and New Zealand? Let's find out.

Discover The Best Times to Cruise Australia and New Zealand!

Of course, there isn't any single best time to visit either of these countries. But, you can choose the time suitable for you on the basis of the climate and tourist season, before you plan your travel arrangements. There can be more than one appropriate time to take this cruise!

1. Australian Climate

The season in Australia is exactly in contrast to North America and Europe. Bouts of mild spring weather mark the months of September to November. Summer spans from the months of December to February. The climate ranges from warm to hot in most parts of the country except the coastal and hilly regions.

From March till May, the region experiences pleasant autumnal weather, while the winters extend from June to August. As you head north to cities like Darwin and Cairns, the climate takes a significant turn. This region predominantly features a tropical climate: hot and rainy in the months of October to March, and dry, arid weather from April to September.

2. Tourist Season in Australia

The peak tourist season is during the months of summer, mainly around December and January. If you plan to visit Australia in the winter, you can expect lesser crowds and discounted prices on tour packages.

3. New Zealand's Climate

Due to its location in the southern hemisphere, New Zealand has a reverse seasonal calendar, just like its neighbor Australia. As a result, its four seasons are fairly similar to the Australian climate.

The North Island receives excessive snowfall in June and July (the months of winter). It is an excellent time for skiing. Summers are sunny and extend from December to January. There is an intermittent shower every once in a while, thanks to wet storms in the Tasman Sea and the Cook Strait.

4. New Zealand's Peak Tourist Season

The peak tourist season falls between mid-December and February. During the summer months, the region witnesses more footfall than usual, thanks to the abundance of wildlife and tourist attractions.

Now that you have a clear idea of when the best time to cruise Australia and New Zealand is, let's find out a bit more about these two countries.

The Wildlife and Culture of Australia and New Zealand

The koalas and the anacondas, the insects and the rare wildlife that abound in both countries have fascinated travelers for centuries, not to mention the sheer diversity that marks both these regions.

The kiwi, for example, is a strange and beautiful bird native to New Zealand. Kangaroo, a rare and indigenous animal, is mostly restricted to this continent. Flora and fauna are rich in both countries.

The aboriginal culture of Australia is another prominent feature. But, you must not ignore the Maori tribes of New Zealand either. Both the countries have a ton of things to offer that one must definitely explore once in their lifetime.


With an overview of the best time to cruise Australia and New Zealand, you can now plan your travel arrangements accordingly. Visit to book a stateroom and plan your get away today.

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