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At what age do kids cruise free?

Taking your kids along on a cruise can be an exhilarating experience. But the best part is that you can take them for free.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruises make an excellent after-school activity for kids. Everything about a cruise provides a teaching opportunity, from deck activities including arts and crafts to onshore experiences that educate children on why it's vital to learn about various cultures.

At what age do kids cruise free?

Cruise policies for kids

Usually, kids can go on cruises free of charge only if they are under the age of 12. However, this policy varies from cruise to cruise. Some allow kids on board free of charge if they are under the age of 3, whereas, some others allow free cruise trips to all kids under 18 and some others do not have provisions for free travel. But they charge only half of the adult fare.

Why should kids go on a cruise?

Aside from the fact that cruises can be a very fun-filled time for kids, there are other benefits of taking them on a cruise as well. The benefits are:

An opportunity to learn about life and humanity

The ship's crew members and passengers come from all over the world, giving your kids the chance to get to know and interact with individuals from various cultural backgrounds. The other guests are also likely to be from places your children are not familiar with. This allows your children to not only understand how broad the spectrum of humanity is but also teaches them to respect and appreciate different cultures.

And you needn't worry about the health and safety of your children. There are well-stocked stores, medical clinics, and almost everything else you might need on the ship. A cruise vacation with kids enables your family to experience new sites across the world, and learn new things without causing any inconvenience at all.

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Relationship building with family

Being in a shared space with other members of the family helps your children form close bonds that will last all their lives. Being on a trip together, witnessing the wonders of new locations together, and discussing all the fresh and fascinating things you've seen help with your child's emotional growth and development and teach them the importance of harmonious community life. Creating such connections helps your kids absorb new information as well. A long cruise vacation also allows parents to better understand the individuality of their children and gives them a chance to make stronger bonds with their kids.

Cruises are extremely affordable 

Often parents think that a cruise vacation for children is an unnecessary expense because as children they will not appreciate the experience as much as grown-ups would. This is an incorrect assumption, because children, in their way, enjoy vacations. Besides, the fare may surprise you! Many cruises do not charge a fee for children and even if they do, it is only half of an adult's ticket fee. 


A cruise holiday with children is a wonderful opportunity to visit multiple cities and worldwide locations in a single vacation without being bored. There is no idleness on cruise ships when traveling from one place to another since your entire family will have lots of fun and interesting things to do onboard the ship as it is in transit. A cruise holiday with children allows your family to enjoy every minute of the journey and spend more time together.

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