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A Basic Guide to South Pacific Cruise Vacation

Explore the best South Pacific cruise vacation guide and get inspired to cruise with your dear ones.

By Cruise Booking Team

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If you are seeking a tropical paradise, the South Pacific is the ideal place. Dotted with islands, like Tahiti, Fiji, Bora Bora, and Samoa, each stop exposes you to diverse cultures, history, natural beauty, and topography. South Pacific cruises allow you to enjoy stunning beaches, shimmering waters, ancient cultures, and lush forests in ways that you couldn’t have imagined.

Best Things to Do During South Pacific Cruises

When you check itineraries of South Pacific cruises, you will realize that there is so much to do in the South Pacific that it can sometimes get overwhelming.

If your ship drops anchor in Singapore, enjoy the popular attractions, like the Colonial District, Sentosa and the Orchard Road. Do take time to observe the startling modern architecture.

Perth in Western Australia is the place to enjoy good food and spend time in bars. You can also visit the Western Australia Maritime Museum, which is a hop, skip and jump from the harbor.

Hilo is another port of call for South Pacific cruises. This port is charming and filled with history, giving you an insight into the past of Hawaii. Be sure to go for a shore excursion to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park when you are in Hilo. Koror allows you to get mesmerized by the mountainous terrain.

Tahiti and Bora Bora are for snorkeling and swimming in crystal clear waters. Explore the coral reefs teeming with marine life, including stingrays and sharks.

Best Places to Visit During South Pacific Cruises

The South Pacific has so many island nations and sometimes, it can be tough to make a choice. Nonetheless, these are some of the best places to visit when you go on the cruise:

Fiji - The island nation is a haven for nature lovers. It comprises 332 islands, but just 110 are inhabited, allowing you to enjoy secluded beaches, bays, and coves.

Samoa - Located between Hawaii and New Zealand, these Polynesian islands offer you stunning landscapes and an intriguing culture to keep you busy during your shore expeditions.

Vanuatu - Made up of about 82 islands, this nation is renowned for its inviting lagoons with multi-colored fish and soaring volcanoes.

Cook Islands - Enjoy the year-round sun at the Cook Islands, which are between Hawaii and New Zealand. These 15 islands have a laid back ambiance and the perfect place to recharge your batteries.

Easter Island - If not for anything, you should visit Easter Island to view moai, the world-famous statues of solemn faces. While the island is part of Chile, it is one of the world’s most isolated islands.

Hawaii - South Pacific cruises are incomplete if you do not spend time in Hawaii. Plan shore expeditions to enjoy shopping, sightseeing, watersports and a day on pristine beaches.

Best Time to Visit the South Pacific On a Cruise

South Pacific is a year-round destination as it boasts a tropical climate throughout the year. However, the best time to visit the South Pacific on a cruise is between May and October, when the region experiences the dry season. During this period, the weather is less humid, allowing you to enjoy the shore expeditions. Also, sitting on the deck of your cruise ship will be a captivating experience, as the cool sea breeze will refresh you.

You can even plan your cruise during late March or late September to experience solstice. It can be fascinating the way the sun rays reflect in the water, allowing you to witness the sheer magic of the coral reefs.

The peak season for South Pacific cruises is from July to August. While you can plan your cruise during this period, just remember it will be crowded and prices will generally be high. Late December is less crowded in case you are looking for thin crowds.

The Conclusion

South Pacific cruise vacation promises fun, adventure and relaxation. It is time to search for the perfect itinerary and head out for an exciting voyage with friends and family.

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