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Antigua, Caribbean
Antigua, Caribbean

A Basic Guide to Southern Caribbean Cruise Vacation

Explore the best Southern Caribbean cruise vacation guide and get inspired to cruise with family or friends.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Southern Caribbean Cruise promises you the best of the holiday experience. The most spectacular highlights of the Southern Caribbean cruises are the rainforests, a tropical cuisine, and an exciting blend of European, South American, and US cultures. You get to enjoy the most awesome locales and the most amazing sunsets. Several cruise lines are offering Southern Caribbean cruises. Check the packages offered by them and book the cruise that offers the best deals and most perks.

Best Things to Do On Southern Caribbean Cruise

When on a Southern Caribbean cruise you can indulge yourself in adventure and ultimate luxury. The biggest advantage of the trip, however, could be access to plenty of fresh and exciting seafood.

In Bridgetown, Barbados you can go on a shipwreck snorkel in incredibly clear waters. Swimming past corals and tropical fishes is an unforgettable experience that you must not miss.

At Oranjestad, Aruba you can enjoy the thrill of parasailing. With the help of a professional crew, you can see the unmatched beauty of Aruba as you fly above the Caribbean Sea.

At St. Johns, Antigua you can enjoy an exciting canopy tour in the rainforests. You can also do zip lining at the lush rainforest.

You can go for an adventurous River Tubing excursion at St. George’s, Grenada and get a glimpse of incredibly beautiful scenery.

Best Places to Visit on Southern Caribbean Cruise

Here are some of the shore excursions you must plan on your Southern Caribbean Cruise.

Antigua & Barbuda - Antigua is blessed with some of the most stunning beaches in the Southern Caribbean. Barbuda is the sister island of Antigua which can be visited by a catamaran. There are elegant and exclusive resorts for those who wish to pamper themselves and plenty of opportunities for kayaking and snorkeling for those who seek some adventure on their trip.

Aruba - Aruba is famous for its extraordinary beaches and constant trade winds so you never feel too hot. People also visit Aruba to watch the sunset and beautiful destinations like the collapsed Natural Bridge and the Butterfly Farm. On the white-sand beaches of Aruba, you can also learn to snorkel, dive, or sail.

Dominica - Abundantly blessed by nature and thankfully not hampered by humans, Dominica is a mountainous tropical paradise that you must visit on your South Caribbean tour. Here you can find dense rainforests, splendid rainbows, and volcanic activity. You can even visit a boiling lake as the geological activity of the volcanoes are benign. You can also indulge in rainforest river tubing, kayaking, and beach snorkel tours.

St. Lucia - St. Lucia is noticed by its volcanic spires that rise to 2,618 and 2,438 ft above the sea level. This beautiful island is carefully preserved by its natives that cherish their way of life. Visit the town of Soufriere for a glimpse of the Pitons, the mountainous volcanic spires and make a stop at Mount Fortune to click pictures of stunning scenery. There are luxurious and fashionable resorts to pamper you.

Best Time to Cruise the Southern Caribbean

Any time of the year is a great time to be in the Southern Caribbean as the temperature stays warm all around the year. You can, therefore, plan your trip according to your schedule and personal preferences. December to April, however, is the most popular season to be on a cruise to the Southern Caribbean. The weather is cooler, drier, and less humid at this time of the year. Those who want to escape the chill of the northern winter find it an apt time to be in the Caribbean. Snowbirds too throng the Caribbean as they try to avoid the harsh winters of the north.

Southern Caribbean cruises offer you an unmatched opportunity to enjoy the best beaches, best fresh seafood, and the best rainforests. Make sure you book your cruise early and enjoy an unforgettable vacation with your loved ones.

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