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A Fashionable Winter Cruise Wardrobe for the Stylish Traveler

A Stylish Traveler's Wardrobe for a Winter Cruise By A Fashionable Winter Cruise Wardrobe for a Stylish Traveler

By Cruise Booking Team

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Winter cruises are only for some; you might wonder where they will go. If you are a traveler enjoying a cold cruise destination in the winter, we have some packing pointers for you.  You can fully enjoy your winter cruise by knowing what to wear.

A Stylish Traveler's Guide to a Winter Cruise Wardrobe

Having everything you need for your cruise always doesn’t have to be challenging with cruise packing tips from

Cruises in the winter

Many types of winter cold weather destinations are cruises available in the winter, so you might be wondering what to look for. On winter cruises, everyone can find something to enjoy. European Christmas Market river cruises may be perfect for culture, dining, history, and shopping.

Those looking for an adventure can cruise along Iceland's circumnavigation; Chilean Fjords and Southern Patagonia; Antarctic Peninsula; Greenland and Baffin Bay; and Alaska Inside Passage. A cruise along the Arctic Circle/Northern Lights is an excellent photographer opportunity.

There is something particularly appealing about Lights Cruise. Bundling up in spring is well worth it when you're on a Belgium and Netherlands Tulip Time cruise.

Taking A Winter Cruise: What To Wear

Winter cruise packing involves comfort, warmth, and staying dry. The following tips will help you pack for your winter cruise so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Winter Cruise Clothing According to Day

Whenever we think of cruises, we think of beaches drenched in sunlight and nights filled with warmth and humidity. In winter, most cruise lines move their ships to locations sheltered from snow and ice, such as Florida and Southern California. It should be noted, however, that winter cruise weather can be unpredictable. Weather changes can be unexpected, whether cold, rainy, or sudden drops in temperature. When cruising during the winter, dressing in layers is essential.

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Traveling during the Day

Most winter cruise destinations have mild daytime temperatures. It is generally preferred to wear jeans or heavy pants over shorts, instead of wearing one bulky item, layer thin shirts. The ideal clothing pieces are those made of high-tech fabrics such as Polartec and Gore-Tex, but any fabric will do. Rain gear or a waterproof jacket should be always carried.

Activities for Evenings

Cruisers' generally accepted dress code during dinner is "resort chic." This means khaki pants and sun dresses in warm weather, but these clothes may need to be more adequate during a winter cruise. Lightweight sweaters or heavy fabrics are appropriate for the weather. Comfortable layering ensures you can move from the warm indoors to the cooler outdoors.

Evenings of Formality

It is common for cruises to feature two formal nights throughout seven nights. Most cruisers wear sports jackets and ties instead of tuxedos and ball gowns. Prepare for cold weather on a formal night by packing a dressy coat and tights. The ship's website can provide more information about dressing to the hilt without packing a tux. Most cruise lines offer formal wear rentals for a reasonable fee.

Sea Days

In a swimsuit, most passengers spend warm-weather cruise days at sea. Swimming may not be possible during a winter cruise. Many ships serve hot chocolate and blankets on their open decks. Swimmers should pack a thick beach towel, as shipboard pool towels are often thin. Cold weather may cause interior spaces to overheat, so dress in layers if you plan on spending time indoors and outdoors.

Sailing Holidays

There is an abundance of decorations and special events on board cruise ships during holiday sailings. Dressing festively is a favorite pastime for many travelers, but unpredictable weather can make packing difficult. Choose two-holiday outfits - one for warm weather and another for cold weather. Mixing and matching items can reduce the amount of packing required.

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