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Disney Dream Vs. Disney Wish: Which Ship Is Right for You?

Planning a Disney Cruise? Disney Wish vs. Disney Dream! This article dives into features, dining, and activities and helps you find the perfect Disney adventure.

By Cruise Booking Team

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The Disney Cruise Line offers a large variety of cruise ships that you can choose from to start your sea adventure, two of these being Disney Wish and Disney Dream. Both ships are known to offer some of the best itineraries in the fleet and are filled with exciting activities that will keep you occupied 24/7. You also have the option to go on shore excursions that help you immerse yourself in the culture of the ports that you’ll be exploring.

While every ship offers a lot of features and amenities, ultimately, choosing which cruise ship is the right choice for your next adventure solely depends on your needs and wants. Dream and Wish are two of the best options if you’re looking to explore Disney Cruise Line’s fleet; however, a choice needs to be made between these two as well. Going forward, we’ll be providing some information about Disney Wish and Disney Dream that can help you make a more informed decision.

All About Disney Dream and Disney Wish

An image of a comparison between Disney Dream and Disney Wish
Photo Courtesy: Disney Cruise Line

Disney Dream Cruise is particularly appealing to those who enjoy good performances. The ship has excellent musicals, enthralling deck parties, and all of the movies available from Disney's various production businesses (Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and more).

Disney Wish is a newer addition to the Disney cruise line fleet and features many enchanting and unique features onboard. One of the most notable features is the Grand Hall, which has been inspired by Disney fairytales.

List of Key Features between Dream and Wish:

1. Ship’s Size and Passenger Capacity:

The Dream Cruise is a large beauty that boasts a gross tonnage of 130,000 tons. The ship has space for at least 2,500 passengers at double occupancy and a maximum of 4,000 at full capacity. It also features around 1,250 staterooms made to cater to all of your needs and requirements for a comfortable journey. It also measures about 1,115 feet long and 121 feet wide. There are a total of 14 passenger decks for travelers to explore, with around 1,458 to assist.

Disney Wish is another grand cruise ship with a gross tonnage of about 144,000 tons. It has a length of 1,119 feet, a width of 128 feet, a draft of 272 feet, and a height of 221 feet. The Wish cruise ship has 1,254 staterooms for around 4,000 passengers at double occupancy. There are 1,555 crew members available onboard, and there are around 15 passenger decks.

2. Dining and Drink Options:

Both of the ships offer a large variety of dining and food options, ensuring that passengers have a lot of things to choose from. Disney Dream features 10 dining options for passengers, with some of the most notable ones being Palo, Remy, and Enchanted Garden. Six of these restaurants are included in your base cruise fare, whereas the remaining four are made available at an extra cost.

The Disney Wish cruise also has around 10 restaurants aboard its ship, 5 of which are complementary and 5 available to passengers willing to pay additional money. Some of the most notable mentions aboard Wish are Marceline Market, Palo Steakhouse, Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure, and Worlds of Marvel.

Both of the Disney cruise ships have all Coca-Cola products available for passengers. Other than that, you’ll be able to find a sufficient number of bars that offer great-quality drinks. You’ll either be able to pay a per-drink price, or you can opt for alcohol packages that are available for purchase outside of your base cruising fare.

3. Pool Options:

Disney Wish features 8 pools, 6 of which are open for general access, and 2 are open for adults and exclusive access only. They also have 3 hot tubs, 1 of which is only open for adults, and 2 are open only for exclusive access.

Disney Dream has a total of 3 pools onboard, 2 of which are open for general access and the last one only for adults. They also have 3 hot tubs, 2 of which are available for general access and the remaining one only for adult passengers onboard the cruise ship.

4. Entertainment and Activity Options:

Both Disney cruise ships feature almost similar entertainment and activity options for passengers. Both Disney Dream and Wish have areas meant only for adult passengers to rest and relax. They also feature other options like basketball courts, fitness centers, movie theaters, salons, Broadway plays, musical review shows, etc. Certain options are unique to each ship, all of which have been listed below for your reference:

5. Cruise Trip Pricing:

The Disney Cruise Line is a premium-class cruise line, resulting in higher costs than many other cruise lines in the industry. The generalized cost for both of these Disney cruise ships falls around $150–$400 per person per day. The daily gratuities cost for every person comes to around $14.50, with around 18% tips added for any drinks and services availed of on board by any passenger. If you wish to purchase an internet plan, it has a generalized cost of $12–$36 per device per day aboard both Dream and Wish.


Both Disney Wish and Disney Dream are exciting and amazing ships. Choosing which one you book entirely depends on which one of these two suits your needs and wants better. They’re both well-equipped choices if you wish to travel with your family and children, as there’s something for everyone onboard. No matter which Disney cruise you book, remember to use to get your hands on the best Disney cruise deals in the market!

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