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Barceloneta Beach, Spain
Barceloneta Beach, Spain

5 Best Beaches in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is home to an array of beautiful beaches; however, some beaches are total show stealers. Find out the 5 best beaches in Barcelona that you must visit.

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It's hard to imagine a more beautiful place for a swim or a sunbath than Barcelona's glistening coastline. For idyllic lagoons, beach volleyball, bars, and stunning views head to the best beaches in Barcelona, Spain. Due to the area's privileged location along the Spanish coastline, stunning beaches are easily accessible and are perfect for a quick stroll or a day trip. Whether you're after thrilling water sports or just want to relax by the waves, the best beaches in Barcelona City have something to offer to everyone. Here is a list of the best beaches in Barcelona for your convenience.


Which are the 5 Best Beaches in Barcelona?

1. Barceloneta Beach

It is undoubtedly Barcelona's most bustling and happening stretch of sand and sea that is always pulsating with life and people. Offering an array of entertainment and seafood options, the place is perfect for a beach party. The sand artists, the drum players, and donut sellers who sing and dance as they serve hot, fresh and irresistible food will delight you. An undeniable part of this beach's appeal and personality is the seafood eateries dotted along the shore.

Barceloneta is a popular spot for sunbathing, but you can also indulge in sports like paddleboard, windsurf, or kitesurf in the water. It's the perfect stretch of coast for water sports enthusiasts. It is easily accessible from the city and has its own metro station.

2. Nova Icària Beach

This southern most strip of the sandy beach above Port Olímpic is arguably one of the best beaches in Barcelona City for families. The beach at Nova Icària is one of the most peaceful ones in the city, so it is beloved by residents and tourists alike. The beach is a hot spot for beach sports like volleyball, and also offers great dining options. You can eat at the many beach huts and seaside restaurants, or take windsurfing and kitesurfing lessons. When you've had your fill of the beach, head to Icaria Shopping Centre or the casinos to have some fun. From the center of the city, you can walk to Nova Icaria or take the metro to Ciutadella – Vila Olímpica.

3. Bogatell Beach

Spain's Bogatell is a Blue Flag beach and is considered to be one of the best beaches in Barcelona, Spain. Between Mar Bella and Nova Icària, this pretty beach is known for being one of Barcelona's cleanest beaches. Locals flock to this beach for its wide, serene shoreline, ping-pong tables, and volleyball courts.

The soft golden-white sands of Bogatell beach provide a relaxed atmosphere, while offering a variety of family-friendly amenities and beachside dining. Bogatell is another fine sandy beach that is both great for sports enthusiasts and sunbathers. People looking for a quiet place to tan, this beach is the perfect destination. With its close proximity to the city, this beach is easily accessible by car, bicycle, and public transportation.

4. Sant Sebastià Beach

Among Barcelona's oldest and most traditional beaches is Sant Sebastià Beach. It is one of the longest beaches in Barcelona City and is located in Ciutat Vella. With its golden sands and deep blue waters, this beach is famous for water sports, and it is also home to some of the most prominent sports clubs. If you're looking for a quick getaway from the city, this white-gold sandy beach will fit the bill.

5. Ocata Beach

Located 30 minutes away from Barcelona, Ocata Beach is a pristine, serene stretch of golden sand. Ocata has a much more tranquil setting compared to other beaches, offering a serene getaway from the noise of the city. Ocata offers the type of beach experience that cannot be found in a metropolis.

What Makes the Beaches in Barcelona a Dream Destination For all Beachgoers?

The beaches of Barcelona seem almost magical. Besides being naturally beautiful, this seaside paradise is also a great place to simply relax. As beachgoers sink their toes into golden sand, deep azure waters captivate them. The beaches are especially popular during the summer season.

Barcelona’s shoreline is eminently beautiful with a plethora of activities to indulge in. If you're looking for some fun on Barcelona's best beaches, whether you want to soak up the Mediterranean sun, play volleyball, or eat fresh tapas, then this is the dream destination for you.

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