Top Things to do in Hamburg, Germany

In love with port cities? Here are the top 5 things to do in Hamburg, Germany to add to your itinerary that will make your trip memorable.

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Hamburg, Germany's second-largest city after Berlin, is located at the mouth of the River Elbe's long, cone-shaped estuary. The Port of Hamburg is one of the most well-known attractions. In addition to serving as a significant transport hub, Hamburg has developed itself into one of the continent's most significant commercial, cultural, and tourism destinations.

Hamburg experiences its finest weather from May to September, which makes this period a good time to explore the city. Here is a rundown of the top landmarks and activities to do in this significant German port city to assist you in discovering the best locations to visit. Without further ado, let's dive into the 5 things to do in Hamburg, Germany.

Top 5 Things to do in Hamburg, Germany

1. Go to the Port of Hamburg

The 100 square kilometer tidal harbor that makes up the Port of Hamburg, commonly known as "HafenCity," is referred to as the entrance to Germany. Additionally, it is home to many well-known tourist sites.

With its uninterrupted rows of tall brick structures that were formerly used to stock spices, tobacco, dried fruit, and coffee, the historic 19th-century Warehouse District, also known as the Speicherstadt, is best seen on foot along a wonderful pedestrian path. It was built between 1883 and 1927 and was apparently the largest warehouse district. It was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015.

2. Attend a musical session at Elbphilharmonie

This is one of the unforgettable things to do in Hamburg. The grand Elbphilharmonie (Elbe Philharmonic Hall), generally termed "Elphi," is the crowning glory of the resurrected Port of Hamburg. This brand-new structure, which is situated at the tip of the Grasbrook peninsula, has grown to be a prominent landmark for the city and is regarded as one of the biggest and most acoustically appealing music halls in the whole globe.

Fans of classical music should also schedule a night at the Hamburg State Opera (Staatsoper Hamburg). The venue is known for its extensive opera schedule and superior acoustics.

3. Visit St. Michael's Church

St. Michael's Church, the most well-known of Hamburg's several churches, was constructed between 1750 and 1762 employing the Baroque style and is among the city's most significant structures.

Climbing the 132-meter-high pinnacle of this Catholic Church, colloquially referred to as "Michel," is an exciting thing to do here. The tower's observation platforms, where you can go using elevators or staircases, provide remarkably stunning views of and harbor, a real treat during its usual extended nighttime hours.

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4. Watch the ancient water vessels at the International Maritime Museum

Learn more about Hamburg's long maritime history and everything marine at the International Maritime Museum (Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg, or IMMH).

The museum's interesting displays state human interaction with water for more than 3,000 years and are situated in the oldest warehouse in Hamburg, a substantial red-brick heritage structure in the HafenCity neighborhood. The oldest object on the exhibit is a dugout canoe that was found in the Elbe and was made from a tree stump several thousands of years back.

5. Take in the beauty of Alster Lakes

The Inner Alster (Binnenalster) connected to Alster and Outer Alster (Aussenalster) connected to the Elbe are two man-made lakes which are the major locations of the local regions of Hamburg. Here, you'll discover the most gorgeous city squares, grand avenues, and the passagens, Hamburg's well-known pedestrian zones.

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