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Discover Unique Activities on Your Next Cruise

A common question first-time cruisers have is, “Will I get bored? They fear that spending a week (or more) on one ship may get boring. An itinerary and facilities packed with entertainment on a cruise will keep you entertained day and night.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Take a stroll on the vessel that is about to be your city for the rest of your vacation. Revel in the array of amenities that the vessel has to offer. With an exciting range of complementary entertainment options on the vessel, you will never get bored.

10 Amazing Activities to Do on Your Next Cruise

1. Catch an Outdoor Movie

Many ships have movie screenings on a big screen on the pool deck or in the show lounge. Premium speakers and high-quality screens are set up for movie nights. Snuggle up with your partner and family, and effortlessly enjoy a good flick! Get some snacks from the counters to munch on during the movie.

2. Take A Splash in The Pool

The pools on the ship always await you whether or not you choose to take a dip. Newer cruise ships have about three or more pools to avoid overcrowding. Cool off in the spacious swimming pools. You could even go for the exciting water rides with your kids. Bond with your family between the giggles and splashes!

3. Simulated Surfing

Adrenaline seekers will be drawn to the surf simulators. Royal Caribbean’s flow-rider allows you to surf on a continuous simulated wave of water. Balance yourself on the waves and feel yourself move forward in the safety of your ship.

4. Attend Talks About the Port of Call

Cruise organizers arrange talks to educate the guests about the destinations of the upcoming port. An avid explorer could geek out on the destinations to gather information about the heritage, culture and nature to have an immersive travel experience. You will learn about their local culture, on-shore activities and much more. This way, you can make a bucket list for each port along the way.

5. Enroll for A Competition

Everything from culinary competitions to dance contests and competitive sports are organized onboard. Be flamboyant and showcase your talent in front of your fellow cruisers! Do not shy away from getting your game on. Prepare to win and nurture your newfound purpose on this odyssey! Win exciting prices and meet celebrity judges in the process. There will be onboard trainers to guide you through the preparation.

6. Hit the Golf Course

The reputation of golf to be “the old man’s sport” can be easily defied. Run to the mini golf course on the upper deck and play a game with your buddies. Some cruise ships offer larger alternatives with 9 to 18 holed putt-putt courses. Introduce your children to the sport and bond with them over a good game.

7. Sing Along on Karaoke

Karaoke with drinks is a fantastic idea for an activity any time. Grab the mic and sing to your favourite tunes. This is a great activity for adults to sing and bond over tunes. It’s a great way to make new friends and have a few laughs.

8. Rock to the Live Concerts

You can never get enough of rock n’ roll. Several cruise lines sign contracts with famous bands and singers for concerts and performances. A lot of these performances are on the deck and are free of cost. Put your hands up in the air and dance the night away to your heart’s content. Sway and hoot with your partner to the guitar solos and astounding vocals. What better way to spend your time in the high seas than to attend a concert?

9. Sauna or Steam Room

Sauna and steam rooms are for public use and make for a great way to detox after a long day. These are great alternatives if you refuse to spend money on spa treatments. Although most of the luxury cruises charge separately for saunas, Carnival’s fleet is quite generous about the access to sauna. Prioritize, plan, and make adjustments according to your preferences.

10. Sunbathe on The Deck

Sunbathing sounds like a lame thing to do when you are on a cruise full of activities. But people wanting to relax thoroughly can bask in the sun with mesmerizing view of the ocean. Soak up the heat as you lounge and sip cocktails with your fellow travelers.

Indulge in any of these leisurely activities to enjoy your cruise trip and never be bored!

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