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booking a cruise
booking a cruise

What details are necessary to make a booking on a cruise?

Don't know how to make a reservation while on a cruise ship? Learn more about the cruise card and the essential information to make a reservation.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A Brief Explanation of the Cruise Card

A cruise card has a magnetic strip and other critical information that travelers can use for various purposes. It is an identification card that allows any passenger to board the ship by scanning a magnetic stripe or bar code. The name of the passenger, as well as the start and end dates of the trip, are normally inscribed on this card. It is used to enter the cabin and open the door lock by putting the card into the slot of the reading device. Every passenger's onboard account is linked to the cruise card, allowing them to purchase drinks, meals, and gifts and make important bookings. 

Details on a cruise card are required for any bookings

Only a few important details are printed on a cruise card, while other necessary details can be accessed by scanning the magnetic strip or the bar code. A crew member scans the card on the computer, which displays the cardholder's information.

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Best ways you can carry your cruise card


The cruise card is one of the most important items a traveler must carry because it is needed everywhere on the cruise ship. Making any booking a cruise can easily be done using a cruise card, as it contains all the required information. It is also critical for every passenger to maintain his or her cruise card safely to have a hassle-free vacation.

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