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What is included in Azamara's basic drink package?

Are you taking the Azamara? Discover the allure of their beverage packages, where each sip elevates your journey to a higher level of luxury.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Azamara cruises offer a memorable experience where luxury and adventure collide. They are more than just a trip across the ocean. One of the elements that elevate the Azamara cruise experience is the professionally prepared beverage packages, each designed to appeal to a variety of interests and enhance the entire adventure. Including the Premium Package, Ultimate Package, Wine Lover Package, and Wine Connoisseur Package, let's discuss the specifics of the Azamara Cruise beverage packages.

list of Premium and Ultimate Packages offered by Azamara Cruises

1. Premium Package: A Symphony of Choices

The Azamara Cruises Premium Package is a symphony of choices that ensures you enjoy a wide selection of quality beverages during your journey. There are many different types of wines, beers, spirits, and cocktails included in this bundle. The Premium Package features everything from classic cocktails expertly blended to the finest wines from famous wineries to satisfy the refined palate of Azamara guests.

A glass of vintage wine can be enjoyed as the sun sets over the horizon, or you can order handcrafted beverages made by skilled mixologists at one of the many onboard bars. Azamara's refined adventures are complemented by the Premium Package, which is a passport to a world of libations.

2. Ultimate Package: Elevating the Cruise Experience to Pinnacle

For those seeking the pinnacle of the cruise experience, the Azamara Ultimate Package raises the bar for alcoholic indulgence. Everything from the Premium plan is included in this all-inclusive plan, including a wider variety of fine spirits, expensive wines, and unique cocktails.

Imagine peering out over the endless sea while enjoying a rare whiskey or a glass of limited-edition wine. The Ultimate Package is designed for the discerning individual who appreciates the finer things in life and includes a variety of beverages to make the entire journey an unsurpassed experience in luxury.

3. Wine Lover Package: A Journey Through Vineyards

Azamara's Wine Lover Package is a carefully designed journey through vineyards from across the world for aficionados who take joy in the complexity and diversity of wines. With this package, you can sample a wide range of wines, including reds, whites, and rosés, that have been specifically picked to mix well with the gourmet meals served on Azamara cruises.

The Wine Lover Package is your ticket to learning new varietals and broadening your palette, whether you are a casual wine fan or an experienced oenophile. This bundle assures that every sip is a journey in and of itself, with strong reds and crisp whites.

4. Wine Connoisseur Package: A Symphony of Elegance

For the ultimate wine enthusiast, the Azamara Wine Connoisseur Package is a symphony of elegance that brings together the greatest and rarest wines. With this exclusive package, you can choose from a number of expensive, small-batch wines that epitomize the best of viticulture.

There are wine tastings supervised by knowledgeable sommeliers, with each sip narrating a tale about the vineyard and the craftsmanship in the bottle. For individuals who appreciate the art of winemaking and seek a level of refinement above and above the norm, there is the Wine Connoisseur Package.

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Drink packages on Azamara Cruises go beyond simple libations; they play a significant role in the overall cruise experience. Regardless of whether you select the Premium, Ultimate, Wine Lover, or Wine Connoisseur Package, each offering is customized to meet the tastes and interests of each visitor, making it easy for them to pick their perfect libation partner.

Before boarding your Azamara cruise, think about choosing a beverage plan that fits your interests, whether it's the extensive Ultimate plan, the carefully curated Wine Lover Package, or the deluxe Wine Connoisseur Package. These options are designed to enhance your journey by transforming each sea day into a celebration of luxury, adventure, and excellent taste.

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