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Is my cruise ship stateroom cleaned daily?

Explore the cruise lines that get their Stateroom cleaned twice a day.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruising has always been associated with luxury, leisure, and excellent service. Cleaning cruise ship staterooms is one of the components of this service. Cleaning staterooms two times a day has been the standard practice in the cruise industry, ensuring guests return to a clean and tidy living area following their day's activities. Recent changes in the cruising industry, notably after the global pandemic, have resulted in adjustments in cabin cleaning schedules.

The schedule for cleaning the stateroom

Cleaning cruise ship cabin

Cleaning a cruise ship stateroom involves many chores to ensure passengers have a clean and comfortable living environment. Evening stateroom service includes a "turndown" service, which may include changing the bed and room ambiance to prepare it for sleep. Remove throw pillows or bed scarves, makeup bunk beds or sleeper sofas, and close room-darkening drapes for privacy and comfort.

Cruise Lines get rooms cleaned only once a day

Norwegian Cruise Line began transitioning non-suite categories to once-daily cleaning services, while suite guests in The Haven continue to enjoy twice-daily cleaning.

Carnival Cruise Line likewise switched to once-daily cleaning, giving passengers the option of morning or evening cleaning.

While no formal announcement was made, Royal Caribbean lowered housekeeping to once daily for all accommodation categories below Junior Suites aboard the Quantum of the Seas, citing sustainability and global hospitality trends as reasons for the change.

Cruise Lines still offering Stateroom cleaning twice

Despite these modifications, numerous prominent cruise lines provide twice-daily stateroom cleaning, including Holland America, MSC Cruises, Princess Cruises, Virgin Voyages, and Celebrity Cruises. For instance, they offer a "Go Green" program that allows passengers to choose once-daily stateroom cleaning in exchange for more Captain's Club loyalty points.

Disney Cruise Line, known for providing a premium, family-friendly experience, also upholds the tradition of twice-daily stateroom cleaning.

Options for Passengers

Passengers who want twice-daily cleaning have other options. They can choose premium or luxury cruise lines that provide this service as part of their dedication to providing great passenger experiences. Furthermore, some mainstream cruise companies still provide twice-daily cleaning in-suite accommodations, giving guests looking for the ultimate convenience and elegance an option.

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The frequency of cleaning in your cruise ship stateroom is entirely up to you. While twice-daily stateroom cleaning has long been the norm in the cruise industry, new modifications have provided customers with more options. Whether you value the luxurious sensation of a consistently clean room or choose to minimize the frequency to have more quiet time in your cabin, cruise lines are changing to accommodate your requirements. The changing landscape of cabin cleaning schedules demonstrates the industry's dedication to delivering a comfortable and safe environment for all passengers, regardless of cleaning preference.

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