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Cruising in Luxury: A Review of the Best Ships Departing from Doha

Why should you sail on one of the cruise ships from Doha? Check about the facilities, benefits and other things available on board.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Imagine venturing into a world-class voyage with the taste of premium facilities at your fingertips! Nothing can be better than witnessing never-experienced offshore oceanic landscapes and local cultures. Further, this is topped with remarkable cuisines, wines and rejuvenating vacations. Here, in this article, we will be discussing the Azamara cruise ships from Doha that welcome you on a life-changing experience, as you set foot on these ships.


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4 Azamara ships for luxurious cruise trip from Doha, Qatar

Enjoy the premium services of these cruises from Doha and embark on a beautiful shore excursion. The details are as follows:

1. The Azamara Journey Cruise Ship

This is a cruise ship from Doha, Qatar, which was launched in the year 2000. It offers you personalised and exclusive services. Thus, you get the best view of dreamy oceanic landscape views and a life-changing voyage ship experience.

Azamara Journey cruise trip from Doha has activities designed especially for adults, ranging from casinos, complimentary acupuncture treatments, a body spa with a front-side ocean view to cabarets, and much more.


One of the new additions made in the Azamara cruises from Doha is the introduction of a vegan menu for all vegans. Besides that, you can enjoy the fine taste of premium spirits, luxurious European bed linen, pool waters, a shopping arena housing classy merchandise and a restaurant specially made for an exciting dining experience.

2. The Azamara Quest Cruise Ship

The Azamara Quest is an award-winning voyage cruise ship from Doha highly complimented on its accommodation facilities.

State-of-the-art suite, it houses the world's finest linen for you to go to sound sleep. In addition, the smell of fresh flowers greeting you in your sweet suite coop and taking you on an imaginary trip to fairyland boosts the overall experience.


Azamara Quest from the Middle Eastern sands of Dubai takes you on the soothing breeze of Norway and the Mediterranean seas with an outstanding voyage experience. It attaches a new definition and refined meaning to relaxation and rejuvenation, something you possibly haven’t tasted before.

3. The Azamara Pursuit Cruise Ship

It was launched in 2018 and serves as a one of its kind in providing a unique voyage experience for all on board.

A very interesting view from the decks of the Azamara Pursuit is the view of fireworks in the night sky on New Year’s Eve. From the decks to the cosy verandas of your private suites, relish in the beholding sight of fireworks in the night sky!


With modern-day furnishing style and the world's top-class culinary experience, you are bound to relish and cherish such un-forgetful moments forever.

4. The Azamara Onward Cruise Ship

Azamara Onward is the newest introduction in the cruise line from Doha, Qatar taking voyages from the shores of Dubai.

A small-sized cruise ship made to voyage into unknown lands, it takes you on an adventurous trip to histories of unknown lands. Also, it makes you familiar with unique local cuisine and traditions.

Azamara Onward cruise from Qatar is efficiently designed to be able to dock at smaller ports and let the mysteries of the world unravel in front of you.


The most interesting feature of Azamara Onward is the creation of the Atlas Bar. It will serve unique artisanal cocktails that are inspired by Azamara's travels to various destinations. Thus, you can have a sip of heaven in a glass!

Final word

Cruise in Qatar on the Azamara cruise fleet and enjoy exclusive premium-level services by the world’s expert professionals. Dive into their sun-kissed pool to watch sparkling waves in the ocean. Also, end your day in their most comfortable bedding. These cruise trips from Doha will let you set foot on the unique unparalleled voyage of your dreams.

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